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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make Your Own Palette Part 2

So I made another palette, this time it was my pressed blushes that have been swarming around in my drawer, I found it's a pain if I wanna travel with them as they have to be stacked and eat up so much room.

If you remember I did a post on how I made my own palette out of DVD case here, it's actually the same concept, except I made it prettier & cleaner LOL Most of my blushes (other than my mineral blushes, which up to this point are uncountable -_-' so I gave up.) are La Femme. They're super pigmented & gorgeous. Here's the original packaging

Here's after I depotted & put them into the DVD case along with other blushes

Isn't it a cool peek-a-boo picture from the cover? lol

I finally decorated the palettes, using a magazine articles about COCO CHANEL,
I really like the retro touch in it

So here are the MIY Palette, a good way to save some $$ and efficient for travelling & storing.

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Thanks for reading, hope it gives you some ideas~


Chrissy said...

This is a GREAT idea!! And I love how nicely you did it all. I probably wouldn't be able to stand depotting my stuff though and putting it on DVD cases like that. I'm too obsessive with how it looks. :(

Lily said...

cute! i like the way you placed the blushes!

izumi said...

oohh you put it on the top part.. LOL. i went to a store and looked at the dvd cases and just thought it just.. would not fit. d'oh! i feel like an idiot. gotta go find some dvd cases!

Crissy said...

Ah I really want to do this :D

wuzzyangel said...

Whooo another great palette!! And thanks for the swatchies!! I like the mag snippets you used to decorate! Very vintage glam! :)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for sharing such great idea :)

Lulu said...

that looks super cool! I esp liked how you arranged the blushes in a circle surrouding the cool looking one in the middle. and nice covers, looks vintage!