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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Make Your Own Palette

I recently re-arranged my makeup drawer and noticed I have so many singles flying around, but I have no ready empty palette to depot them into. What I do have is a lot of CD and DVD cases hahahaha I'm serious, I'm a movie addict and my BF is a game freak so imagine how many dvd cases we both own from my movies & his Playstation games.

So after depotting the eyeshadows, I took one unused DVD case, snipped the two paper/instruction holders inside (to make more room for eyeshadows to stick in), glued some magnets, metal sheets, and stick in the eyeshadows. It's cost effective!!!!

Here are the pictures, it's still funny looking because I haven't filled in everything, haven't named nor decorated it =P

First row (big pans) are mostly Jordana eye shadow singles.
The yellow one is my pressed pigment EG Minerals Artic Thaw
and the middle one is Stila Kitten.
Some of my NYXs sit comfortably too =)

Thevi eyeshadow trio in Hemisphere and
L'oreal HiP Duo in Showy & Gunmetal

I'm believe I'm doing good thing to the environment hehehe
or so I wish.........


Crissy said...

ahh this is a great idea! thanks :D

izumi said...

LMAO! i love it! i was just thinking of getting a mac palette for my blushes butttt maybe i'll go see if i can snag a dvd from the bf :)

GiLiNG said...

oHh i've seen these before, but never tried!
great job ^_^
♥ing the blog girl!

wuzzyangel said...

Yay for recycling!! :)

Lily said...

that's a good idea! it's cheap and a good way to put eyeshadows together that aren't all the same shape.

Kim said...

Thanks for giving us an idea! I'm planning to depot some e/s soon :)

Hacer D. said...

Great idea = )

Catherine said...

Nice! I love this idea! And dude, Showy = best teal EVER.