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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tutorial: How to Apply Blush & Bronzer

My friend QQ left a message & asked me to make blush/bronzer tutorial, she's actually my senior back in college so I'd better do it *hai, senpai QQ :)* -bowing- LOL

I know although some of you must know this like the back of your hands, I just want to show how I do it, and it's far from perfect, plus this pic tutorial is super ghetto -_-"

Ok so I start with a primed face (concealer + foundation), on this tut I am using EDM Spring Concealer and Buff'd Saffron Foundation which is now a tad too light for me, I think I've tanned *sigh*. I am still purging too so please bare with small bumps on my skin. DON'T SCRUTINIZE, ladies....hehehehe

These are the tools:
La Femme Soft Beige & Mulberry, Essence of Beauty Angle Brush, Silk Naturals Fiber Optic Brush

I started of with Bronzer to contour my cheekbones, this technique is best known with its 'slimming' effect which, of course, I wouldn't mind to have :D

I used Soft Beige with Angle Brush. I usually make a fish face to find hollow of my cheeks which is under my cheek bone. Sweep the brush with the bronzer start from outter corner (near my ear) moving downwards, I normally stop before the corner of my lip.
After that I buff the harsh line so it doesn't look like an obvious brown mark, with circular motion. This is how it should look like:
(eww my hair LOL)

another cheek:

Moving on, the blush. I use the blush on apple of my cheeks. How to find it? Try to smile (or FAKE a smile, just like I did below) and you'll see two obvious round shape on your cheeks.
I look like a pervert for some reason

The final result with Bronzer + Blush, again excuse the ew-ness of my hair.

The proud blush-ho peace sign LOL
Sorry girls, I just had to do it.
A good way to rock a band-aid on my finger too, right?
Alright, that's it : ) Finally I look NORMAL after applying some mascaras & wearing my hair down...
this is not a very good pic of me, but it does show the blush & bronzer contouring result

Thanx for reading !


Askmewhats said...

that is a great tutorial! Very very helpful!!!! thanks !

Lily said...

awesome tutorial!

Nic Nic said...

Nice tut! I like your final pic, very pretty ^^

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great tutorial! Yes, I need to slim my fat Usually I just use blush, I'm kinda lazy about the bronzer...but now I might give it a try. So how's the weather over there? I'm deciding what to pack..should I even pack pants or jeans? lol

Nanzy said...

ohhh thank you ladies :D I didn't think you all would like it hahahah but thanx!

Nic Nic,
also thx for the compliment ^_^

it's been super warm in here, so migh t want to stick with light shorts : ) so when are you flying in?

nee is... said...

aw nanz you're still pretty even with out any makeup on

ohhh I need to ask you whats that angled brush you usedd?

nee is... said...


Nanzy said...

thank you Nee...I use Essence of Beauty Angle Brush, it works well and it's quite small and easier to control : )

Nanzy said...

LOL !!!!!! no problemo hehehe