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Friday, June 13, 2008

2 Cheeks, 2 Many Blushes !

My eyes are BURNING !! !! !!

I only slept for 2 hours :'(

Today Playstation 3 Metal Gear Solid IV bundle was released nation wide, and being with such a big time gamer bf, I had to voluntarily *cough cough* joined the long ass line waiting in front of Best Buy....

since 1 o'clock IN THE MORNING !


We arrived at the spot around 1 and already the 3rd in line, I had no idea what time those people in front of us got there. We figured it'd be a bitch sitting on the ground for the entire night so we brought along our lawn chair (I felt so retarded at first but couldn't help but thanking the comfy spacey chair that saved us the night), umbrella (ella...ella...*shush* to anticipate sun/rain), lotsa junkies, and some entertainment to keep our selves sane (my I-phone actually did an awesome job). My bf fell asleep comfortably right after we got there, I was lyk wtf? What am I gonna do here? LOL but yes, I couldn't sleep at all and ended up spending the night by stuffing my face with chips & cookies.

My short conclusion, Games = Fat.


So after we waited for almost 9 hours, the door was finally opened around 10 AM, but GEEEEEEEBUUUSSSSS, the sun was terrible...I swear if I broke an egg we could have had omelette for breakfast this morning.

We rushed into a heavenly air-con Best Buy and finally walked out with big grin and big box of PS3MGS4 (this reminds me of Chemisty lol)

You belong to us now MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


onto the fun thing, today I received 2 packages and they are both blushes! It was Blush-Blasted :D

First was from where I ordered 4 La Femme Blush On Rouge blushes, I got Soft Beige, Mulberry, Golden Rose, and Golden Sunset
Natural Light, no base
With Flash, no base

Soft Beige: (matte) Muted brown with just a pink tint. I plan to use it as a bronzer ^_^
Mulberry: (matte) Very loud light fuchsia. I adore this one, very pigmented.
Golden Rose: (shimmery) Dark pink with gold specks. Very unique, the golden specks is very subtle.
Golden Sunset: (shimmery) Orangey coral pink. Must have, period! Definitely my summer blush.

I officially fell in love with La Femme blushes, they're worth all the rave I've been hearing about, and I have to say their CS is da bomb, they're super helpful : )

k, NEXT !

A friend of mine @ Vox, Melissa, had a summer cleaning for her unused mineral makeups and was giving away some of her stuffs. I chose blushes coz the foundations are way too light for me, and blushes are universal : ) I also bought her Magnetism Indelibe Gel Liner (review later) for $4.00 which was still 99%, only some brush strokes on the surface, otherwise it's perfectly fine.

These are the oh-so-lovely-freebies blushes pic:

Natural Lighting

With Flash
All Smiles (EDM), Rapunzel Had Extensions & Hypnotize (Fyrinnae), Sunrise & Dusty Rose (Aubrey Nicole)

My Fav: all Aubrey Nicole's and gorgeous!


LOL @ Rapunzel Had Extensions !!!

who the hell came out with such a name lol I thought 'Burn Your Bras' from The She Space February limited edition is the nuttest of the nuts...*rofl*

Ok, no more blush-buying for the next 5 years.


Shen said...

9 hours??? whoa! i'm impressed! i can't do the same unless what i'm buying will be half its orig price. :) lol!

i love the blushes! i do agree about the 2 cheeks and tons of blushes. :) lol!! i'm now wanting some la femme, you enabler! :)

Nanzy said...

hehehe aren't they pretty??? *pushing even harder* LOL


Golden sunset looks amazing. Ur not helping my bank balance uno

Tracy said...

pretty blushes! boo, now i want some la femme blushes. haha. i NEED a phone, though, so i have to stay focused!

my bf is somewhat of a video game junkie, but he's not the type to wait in line to buy video game stuff, thank goodness for me! haha. you're a great gf for waiting in line w/ your bf. mine's been wanting rock band for the ps3 i bought him. i think i might just go out and buy it today...

Maha said...

man, for the past 2 days i've heard nothing but gun shots and explotions cause of metal gear. prior to that, it was weeks of grand theft auto. i complained about it and then he replied, "for the past 3 months i go with you to cvs, ulta, or the mall while taking your sweet ass time. we're even." the things we do for love.

i really like dusty rose and hypnotize =)

Nanzy said...

yeh, golden sunset is one of my fav : ) sorry for tempting lol I know my wallet extremely hates me at the mo'

I saw the phone you want @ your blog, it really does look like I-phone huh? : ) god bless you with a strong heart hehehehe You bought your bf PS3??? now that's a GREAT gf : )

ME TOO !!! my bf doesn't have GTA but his friends brought the game and came over couple of times..all I heard is "I'm gonna beat you...and kill you" -with weird Eastern European accent -_-'

LOL @ your bf counter-attack hehehe

Askmewhats said...

what ?? "no more blush buying for the next 5yrs?" come on! You believe that? LOL..I thought you mistyped, it must be "no more blush buying for the next 5minutes!" LOL....those blushes are wonderful!!!

And congrats to both of you for the new baby!!! play time!!!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo! pretty blushes! :) I LOVE my Mulberry as well! Gold Rose & Golden Sunset look really pretty too! :)

Makeupfairytale said...

wow 9 hours, i kowtow to you, holy crap that's how much i need to sleep hahaha =P aaaaah i really want the femme blushes now!

Lily said...

LOL i'm so sorry you had to wait in front of best buy for so long!! my brother and his friends did that when they had their christmas sale. They even brought sleeping bags!! lol. I thought it was hilarious! We had to go back and forth periodically to bring them food though haha.

Nanzy said...

hahaha it's ok, was INTERESTING experience... I bought tons of food too LOL

ladyjane said...

I've seen so many swatches for La Femme blushes lately and have heard only good things. It's tempting me to get some haha but the colors seem really vibrant, so I dunno how that's gonna look on me. Thanks for the swatches.

Ariana said...

I'm pretty sure Rapunzel had Extensions is an eyeshadow, i just checked the website. :D

Nanzy said...

yes it is an eyeshadow, I realized it after I made this post and felt silly LOL

Thanks for the info again =) !!!