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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Haul, Haul and more Haul

Apparently INGLOT is more like MAC, I found a thread with the pictures of the store, and can I say DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOL??????

You know being sick at home is not good for your wallet? I've been online shopping like madness recently, everything is one click away......and that's very dangerous. I've also gotten many packages in the mail which is not only haul but also some RAOK.

First RAOK I received is from my beloved Voxer, LadyTee. She's kindly letting me try L'egere BB Cream since it doesn't work for her. She also sent me a cute note with a cute art LOL
LT said she's embarrassed seeing her drawings on my blog but it's too cute to leave out =P sorry LT hehe!

Next RAOK is from another Voxer, Ann. Ann is seriously my santa, as this is my 2nd RAOK from her LOL She had a giveaway last month and I won =) The package contains of Benefit BAD Gal Blue Mascara, 2 pc of Eco Tools brushes, a Metalic Bronze eyeliner pencil from Silky Girl, and lots of mineral samples. We're both minerals addict so she knows what I like =) Thanks so much, Ann !!!!!! I love everything.

Another RAOK is from Mikhaila of Barielle Company. It's actually not really a RAOK, she contacted me to review some of Barielle products, I was uber happy because I've heard so much about their products. She asked me to pick what I wanted to try out, so I picked these.

I will do more in depth review once I'm confident to say a few words.

The last RAOK (told ya, lots of raoks) is from Lara!!!! She's my lovely reader and a cool girl from Malta (I've always dreamt to go there) and we've talked many times through emails & messages. I was so shocked when she said she sent out something from me, I really didn't expect anything ^_^ Anyway, the package actually came today (Lara if you read this, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!) She sent me some cool stuffs I've never heard before.

First of the sleek palette called Freedom Eyeshadow Palette from INGLOT in PRO3. I googled it and INGLOT is actually a European cosmetic company based in Poland. The packaging reminds me of NYX Trio but way sleeker. I don't think I'm gonna depot it since it looks cool mwahaha

They're so pigmented and silky smooth, the colors screams spring to me,
I love especially the khaki green, so gorgeous.

Next it's a single eyeshadow from Lancaster called Sunset (214). Unfortunately it shattered from the shipping but I managed to press them back all together, simply using alcohol, fabric and your fingers =) It looks brand new again, right?

This one is also from Lancaster called Riviera (107), a gorgeous minty blue color. I'm digging this company, seriously, their products are awesome and look at the sleek packaging! Damn you lucky Europeans lol

Next haul is from Wet Seal. Yeah, I know...another clothing haul, but WAIT, I have my reasoning! (lol what a drama queen!!) I spotted this Cuffed Ankle Heels on sale for $4.99! FIVE BUCKS, can you believe it? Even my mascara is more spendy than that.

I found a coupon for free shipping if you spend $15 so I got these other 2 items to qualify for the code. I chose this cute Animal Print Top ($9.9) and a Bohemian Silk Scarf ($5).

*fiuhhh* can't it be any longer? anyway if you reached this point & not falling asleep, you're awesome & thank for reading hehehe, please let me know if there's any product you'd like me to review =)

until then~


wuzzyangel said...

Dang girl you've been spoiled too!! Isn't it a great feeling knowing you're loved by peeps! :)

You got a ton of great goodies! And nail stuff?! That's right up your alley! :)

Mary said...

Nothing wrong with hauling! The Inglot palette looks very nice, pretty colors. Love the scarf, very nice print/colors. I think you'll like the Barielle products, I've been very impressed with their treatments.

~Mel said...

aww.. haha.. her drawings cute! =P and i also have a purchase coming soon from f21 cause of u!! haha.

fuzkittie said...

That scarf is pretty! <3 Nice hauls~~ :]

izumi said...

ooooooo nice hauls :) those new eyeshadows look really pretty!

Tee said...

LOL I missed this post. You gotta post a FOTD using the L'egere BB cream.