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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mail Day + Picnic Pic !!!

Awwww I almost burst into tears of joy when I saw 3 package was waiting for me, one is from lovely Ann, an Isle of Eden, and the most surprising one is from Dayna !!!

OMG YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!

Ann's Package

She told me she wanted me to RAOK Mandom Cleansing Express Sebum for Christmas and I cracked up when I saw the extras from CYS she put in and read her notes "I THINK they're tarts" hahahaahaha.

Ann is in Singapore so it's very surprising to see them arrived so quickly as she just sent it out on Sunday. Thanks so much, Ann baby~

Dayna's Package

Now, I knew she would send me a red cleansing sponge which has become famous by her, but when I opened the package I was like OH NO SHE DIDN'T !!! She included many foundations and bronzers from her own line, Dayna Minerals, I AM SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't tried them but from a quick look they seem to be a good match. I'll update later =) thank you so much, Dayna, for your lovely note, the instructions & everything. I heart you.

Anyway, Dayna Mineral is exclusively sold thru her Vox, but everyone who's tried her MMU, ADORES them and now I can't wait to try. Plus Dayna is a true sweet heart & uber gorgeous (I'm not just saying nice stuffs because she's a friend..but because she really is nice & pretty)

Isle of Eden

My 2nd small order which I made on mid October (I know! hate loooong TAT) and I got

Goddess Glow in WASSAIL
~ A fruity scent of apple cider, orange, lemon, nutmeg and some other winter spice....I'll let it cure but I can say I really like it. FYI, this smells exactly like EG Mineral's Seasons Best scent

Cashmere Creamy Body Wash in SUGAR PLUM FAIRY'S KISS
~ A sweet sugar plum cotton candy with hint of cookies....REALLY YUMMY !

and I received the Santa's Christmas Stocking!!

A cute velvety green elf shoes with Perfume Oil in SANTA'S MINT CANDY BOWL
~ a very creamy Candy Cane scent, I really like it...smells like BBW Twisted Peppermint but better.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel so pampered... thank you so much Ann & guys are too nice.

Btw I went picnic on Kailua Beach today and here's some candid pic that Aaron took

hahaha hangry (hungry + angry) fatso !

Everyone with Sandwich

Me, Aaron, Tone (Aaron's brother) and Heather (Tone's gf)


Titty said...

Inan! You need to wake Twitter up again!

And I like Kailua beach! It's very romantic and nice (compared to what I saw in Waikiki when I was there)

And I really love the Mandom cleanser! I don't have Japanese stores here, so someone got it for me. I bet you could find some Mandom some day in Hawaii!!

Nanzy said...

oh definitely...Waikiki has become too commercial now LoL too many tourists...besides I like the sand & swell at Kailua much much better.

hahaha I'll try to tweet more often and nudge you LOL

LadyJane said...

The Cashmere Creamy Body Wash sounds so delish! I'm SUPER jealous that you get to bare your shoulders while we're FREEZING because of the snowfall in Vancouver! Hope your holiday is going swell my dear :)