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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Haul: Pink Bow Bath Boutique

I took advantage of SNS (Saturday Night Special) on Etsy -As a regular shopper, I tend to fall for sales lol- and Pink Bow Bath Boutique had 15% off on 1-2 items.

Now, let me give you some interesting info about this shop. A while ago, I've heard rumors that Pink Bow Bath Boutique is a copy cat. Who are they copying? Cozy Moment's. Yup, my beloved Cozy Moments. Now there are stories running around about how Amy, the owner of PBBB used to be Cozy Moment's customer until she started her own shop (also on Etsy) and copy every products and scents that Cozy Moments came up.

She added and changed some words but Michelle (of Cozy Moment's) was furious and finally sent Amy a letter, telling her to stop copying. Amy replied saying that she's obsessed with Michelle and, here's the scary part, she wants to be her. O.O

On the other hand, there's also a story that saying right now, it is Cozy Moment's who's copying PBBB, starting to put a red 'bow' on her products picture.

Well, I honestly don't know which one's right, but I know Cozy Moment's has been around for a while *I believe since 2004* and I've always liked Michelle's product.

But I don't wanna pass judgement and although some people in MUA board is saying "I don't wanna buy from PBBB because she's just a copy cat", I'm personally CURIOUS because those who has bought from PBBB said Amy's product is awesome, as well as the customer service.

So I decided to place an order on Saturday, and what they said it's true, PBBB has tremendous customer service. Amy messaged me the next day saying my items were ready to ship and today (Wednesday) they arrived. Fast shipping woo hoo!

all nicely wrapped in cute pink pouch & tied with pink bow

My order, a travel size of 3 Whipped Body Frosting

(From top left) Banana Buttercream Parfait, Lemon Marshmallow Cream (I asked for extra Vanilla) & Pink Passion Fruit Lemonade

The 'extra', Whipped Body Frosting in
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies & Buttercream Crunch Cake

Product Review
The cream feels great, it sinks in fast and doesn't feel greasy. It reminds me of Cozy Moment's Beautiful Body Butter consistency, which is funny because Cozy Moment's had Whipped Body Frosting (it's now changed to Body Frosting/Body Whipped) with fluffier & smoother consistency. This one is still awesome tho, the scent lingers for a long time.

Scent Review
PINK PASSION FRUIT LEMONADE~ Fruity goodness! It's sweet, girly, and fun, the dry down is even better. I think it would be an awesome scent for summer time.

LEMON MARSHMALLOW CREAM (w/ extra VANILLA)~ I'm normally not a big fan of lemon, that's why I asked for an extra Vanilla (just in case hehe) but when I made a trip to Walmart, I smelled J.R Watkins Lemon Hand Cream and I was like, OMG, this smells so good! I was hoping this would smell similar, but I can't say they do. This has more lemon and the dry down smells like Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath & Body Works. I like it tho...very wearable.

BANANA BUTTERCREAM PARFAIT~ I was hesitant about this one because I hate artificial Banana scent, love it as a fruit, but other than that? Errr..nope. To my surprise, this would probably my favorite. YUP it's that goooood. The banana is subtle and creamy, covered with the yummy pudding and whipped cream. I seriously can't stop sniffing my hand.

WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT COOKIES~ You guys know how much I love WCMNC from Cozy Moment's right? I was curious about this one and yes, they smell ALIKE. I'm sure Amy managed to find Cozy Moment's supplier and got the same fragrance oils.

BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH CAKE~ This one's still on the fence. Right now it smells too 'boozey' for me, I assume I don't really like maple crunch note in it. I'll let it cure =)

Overall, I have to say I'm so pleased with my order, the price is great, the product is great, and the scents are my cup of tea. Aside from the controversy, I'd recommend this Etsy e-tailer, I honestly would be buying from both, depends who has the best deal.

btw both Pink Bow Bath Boutique & Cozy Moment's are having New Years Sale RIGHT NOW!


iamgrape1119 said...

Wow, those scents sound delicious!!
They look UBER cute too! I need to look into those!

Thanks for the review hun! Happy new year!

Nanzy said...

hahaha yeah they do smell so yummy! Happy new year, Tao !!!

LongyLegzz said...

Well, I just think Amy is fantastic. I got online and compared the two websites. I bought 6 body butters from Amy and they are awesome. Amy is less expensive and her fragrance selection is more extensive. I also appreciate that Amy's bio is actually a bio, and cozy moment's bio is a fragrance list. I don't even know the owner's name. Not too cozy so far.