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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Product Focus: Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral Palette (Review & Swatches)

In a hope of assuring you that this blog hasn't yet to turn into an exclusively nail blog, I'm posting a review that I have promised to do a long time ago. It is none other than my favorite neutral eye shadow palette as of late, Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral from their Eye Couture Eye Palette line.

There are 3 "eyes" in its name, just in case you're not sure what they are for...

Now, as much as I love Urban Decay Naked Palette (original), there were moments when I wished to have just all matte eye shadows. UD Naked have gorgeous shimmers but let's be real here, the matte selections are fairly limited.

So when I was at Target to burn monthly moolah (I have issues, you see...) and saw this palette, I felt like the heaven's gate had been opened, the light was shining through and I could hear the angel sing. This was what I was hoping for and more. The fact that I happened to carry a $3 off coupon for Sonia Kashuk line was simply the frosting on my cupcake, really.

Without further ado, here is the sucker. 12, all mattes colors.

Now as you can see, Sonia Kashuk didn't go all fancy by naming her shadows with obscene pun and glory, instead she settled with numbers.

So the colors ranges from white, creams, warm-toned browns, cool-toned browns, taupe, gray and black. The first row (1-3) are highlighters (or at least they are for my Medium Tan skin) and they go darker as the numbers go higher (12 being black).
I simply can't stress enough how happy I was to find pigmented matte shadows, let alone having them all in one palette. Number 11, which is a charcoal gray, is simply stunning and unique. I'd buy this palette for this color alone, to be honest.

Here's how it looks with flash on
 Of course it's not complete without swatches.
Done on my skin, under natural light, no base
The pigmentation is amazing, not overly done so that you'd have trouble fixing them if you make mistakes. This is the kind of palette you'd want to carry around in your purse for a quick re-apply throughout the day, or just simply adding colors to your face without being so obvious. It's so professional and subdued, yet it's gorgeous and have a nice selection of colors. Just look at how many different medium browns they have! If I may add, the palette is also really compact and sturdy. It's not as thin as UD Naked palette, tho.

Overall, I would really recommend this palette if you're a bit bored with Urban Decay ones or still in search for matte eye shadow palette that aren't bright and rainbow-y. The price is not too bad as well, I've got mine at Target for $20 something (Everything is more expensive in Hawai'i ... EVEN TARGET THINGS!) but they always have coupons in their site, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts if any of you owns or have tried this palette :)