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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sinful Shine by Sinful Colors Swatches

Hey guys!

I'm back with a new line from Sinful Colors, called Sinful Shine. They are apparently a "hybrid" of regular polish with Gel-Tech. If you've heard of gel polishes, you probably already know the whole shabang with the application technique and the perks you get from using them. I personally change nail polishes every 2-3 days since I get bored easily, so although Gel polishes look so interesting (they're SO SHINY!) and supposedly last a long time, I was hesitant to spend $$ for it. Plus, you need to put your manicure under UV light after to be honest with you,

But then I came across these, and they sound perfect to me. They're affordable and you get the same effect from the Gel polishes. I've picked up 6 of them:
(L-R) Blue Suede Shoes - Alfresco - Bananappeal - Most Sinful - At Sea - Break Away

I haven't gotten around to swatch Blue Suede Shoes & Break Away,
but here are the rest.



Most Sinful

At Sea

They are all soooo shiny and good enough with one coat, except for Bananappeal which requires 2 since the formula is a bit thinner (still good, tho). My favorites are Most Sinful and At Sea, but honestly, I am really liking the ones I've tried. Excited to try the other 2 darker colors :D

I'm not quite sure how much they sell for because my Walgreens SA charged me with regular Sinful Color polishes ($2.29) since they were pretty new and didn't have any price tag yet. Check out your local drugstore and grab them because I'm telling you, they are SO worth it.


Valens said...

They are very shiny!!!
Most Sinful is cool and very eye catching!! Nice choice ;-)
Happy Sunday

UKNailRunner said...

These look super! The colours are so rich and shiny!

Di said...

I like the colors you picked! I too picked up a few and will be going back for more! Quick question - the fact that these nail polishes are "gel tech", what is the drying process? Does it need to be cured by UV? Or is it fine drying on its own? Top coat like Seche Vite okay or not?

Amy said...

Woah. Those look incredible! I love the shine. I try to stay out of my local Walgreens because I know I'll end up buying more than I planned, but I definitely have to look for these.

April Moralez said...

Hi i NEED to know what is the photo of the secon swatch right after alfresco?
you didnt put a name, so im really curious, i NEED that specific color for a wedding.

please please let me know! Kinda desperate. beautiful photos bythe way :)