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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swatch: Polish Revolution Eleganza

Happy hump day!

Today I have a swatch of an indie polish by Polish Revolution. I think I've found out about this seller some time around last year during Christmas when I was searching for a nice, holiday polishes. One of their product caught my eye but unfortunately I was a bit too late because it wasn't available anymore, so ever since I've always monitored their restock activity. Along the way, there was yet another new ish polish that I really liked so when that Christmas polish was finally available earlier this year, I decided to cave in and make an order.
Zombie Christmas & Eleganza
You could probably guess which one is the Christmas-themed polish :) but this time I'd like to focus on the purply goodness on the right, Eleganza. 
Eleganza is a creamy light purple base with brown, copper, and holographic orange and turquoise glitter

Onto the swatches!
2 coats, no base, Out The Door TC

Application was easy and smooth, no glitter fishing necessary! Check out Polish Revolution on their Etsy store and Facebook for more info and restock update.

By the way I just turned 27 yesterday (omg!) and we went for Yakiniku last night. My fiance also surprised me with a Spa voucher for some "me" time. Ahhhhh bliss! :)


Askmewhats said...

aww Belated Happy Birthday! I love your nail polish, looks like disco lights to me in a very nice way :D

Shizznizzle said...

Awww thank you, Nikki <3 you're the sweetest!