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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Swatch: Scofflaw Varnish Cloud Cuckoo Land

Continuing my Scofflaw swatch rampage, this one is called Cloud Cuckoo Land...which obviously was based off one of Radiohead's song. I am not a Radiohead fan but I DO know of them and I've always thought they're cool. That means I'm cooler than Sheldon Cooper here:

Anyway, Cloud Cuckoo Land is a stunning pale lavender polish with dark purple, garnet, white, copper and lavender glitters. The application is so smooth and easy, and I don't think I mentioned this on my previous post, but I've noticed Scofflaw polishes dry faster than the usual glitter polishes. It's so convenient considering I always layer them and waiting for them in between layers suck a big one.

So far I'm completely blown away by the quality of these polishes so honestly I have nothing further to say, but ENJOY THE SWATCH SPAM!

 Mattified, because I can.

Seriously, wait for her restock on March 17th, okay? 
Check out her store here and Facebook here for more info :)