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Monday, April 4, 2011

Solstice Scents Review

I've been hearing about Solstice Scent from their popularity of creating unique and "dark" scents. One of the scent that people were raving about is called Cenobite, which was rumored to be the perfect grown-up vanilla ever. Now that is quite a reputation to carry and although I have had love & hate relationship with vanilla scents in general, I decided to give it a try.

I made an order on March 26th, by the 28th they were ready to shipped and it arrived 3 days after. I only got myself a full size of Cenobite Perfume Roll-On ($9.00), and here's another cool thing about Solstice Scent: on every order you get to choose a scent for a free fragrance oil sample. I chose Spellbound Woods.

CENOBITE* ~ Dark, rich, boozy Vanilla Bean. Starts out as a strong vanilla liqueur but the dry down is a very smooth vanilla bean and French Vanilla. 

SPELLBOUND WOODS* ~ A soft, incensy blend of vanilla, sandalwood, cedar and amber 

Cenobite started of quite boozy on me, but it's not sickeningly sweet. As it settles on my skin, the warm Vanilla Bean started to come out stronger and the dry down is quite sexy and dry. I agree that this is not your usual foody buttercream vanilla which I happen to loathe. Cenobite is an intricate feminine vanilla that makes you feel grown-up. I adore this scent, I've been wearing it to bed because it's pretty much close to the skin. You just need to try it yourself and be surprised by how comforting this blend is.

Spellbound Woods has that cedar note hitting my nose right after I apply, yet everything else sort of blend together and create this beautiful scent that makes you feel like you're sniffing a house of Bilbo Baggins lol I don't know why I think of him, but it's probably by the fact that he's old, he smokes and always had his oven on, making some yummy cakes. This scent is beautiful, the amber and vanilla made the blend more sweet and wearable whereas the sandalwood and cedar added the depth. Again, I was so glad that I chose this amongst other beautiful sounding blend that Solstice Scents offers.

The perfume roll-on is VERY long lasting too. I'd love to try their other blends someday and probably in Body Ganache Cream and Whipped Soap since everyone was raving about it too.


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