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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Product Focus: Kirkland 2009 Makeup Brush Set

I always try to tell myself that I have enough makeup brushes, but my greedy eyes tell me another. If you read my quick teaser post about this 2009 Kirkland Brush Set, you realized I took the picture at Costco, meaning I didn't buy it YET until yesterday. I personally don't have Costco membership but my bf's mom does so we kinda just tag along with her when she goes :P

This is retail for $19.99 and I know Kirkland has came up with surprisingly amazing value set of brushes. I personally bought their 2007 Set and did a sneak peak on their 2008 ones. They are all amazing and this year they did it again.

The set came with:
  • 8 full size brushes
  • 4 travel size brushes
  • 2 makeup case
  • 1 eyelash curler
The brushes are all synthetic, although they all look like skunk brush (real black hair & white synthetic tip). They're all SUPER SOFT and the handles are all rubberized so no slip! Here are the look of the sets.

The Makeup Cases
Large Powder Brush

Flat Top Bronzer Brush

Angled Foundation Brush

Eyeshadow Brush

Eye Blending Brush

Flat Eyeliner Brush

Eye Smudger
Brow Brush & Spooley Duo

The Travel Size Set
Comparison of the travel size (L) & full size (R) Powder Brush

The travel size on is like a mini version of full size,
can also work as blush brush I believe.

Comparison of travel size (L) & full size (R) Eye Blending Brush

The travel size one has shorter bristle but
the round heads on the same size.

Comparison of travel size (L) & full size (R) Eyeshadow Brush

It turns out the travel size one is a concealer brush
but I can't see why you can not use it as eyeshadow brush :)

Comparison of travel size (L) & full size (R) Flat Eyeliner Brush

The travel size one has shorter bristles
but they work exactly identical.

My take
  • A great investment & an amazing value for the quality
  • The brushes has a slightly chemical smell upon washing but it went away once it's dry
  • I like the size & feel of the brush handles, they feel very sturdy
  • The travel sizes set is so cute, the quality is just as awesome
  • Love the "quilted" pattern on the makeup case, it looks classy & expensive
  • The eyelash curler works so great, it was a nice thrown in to the set
  • BUY IT !!!!!!!!!! :D


mandy said...

I saw it the Costco near where I live when I went with my mom & was so excited! Then I went again with my uncle and I got it as a very early christmas present :P I love the powder brush! (it's the only one I've used so far :X)

Sofee said...

loves it :D

pangie said...

i went to the costco near my work and nothing there! i was sooo disappointed! i need to find a costco that has it cuz i want it too! lol

Sophie said...

I want these, they look fab, but I am in the UK :(

Vanilla said...

awww i want it !esp the face brush !
never heard of costco before

wuzzyangel said...

Because of you, I was staring at this at Costco the other day! LOL! But I don't need anymore brushes! LOL! Maybe one day! It does seem like a great find though! Thanks for showing them to us in more detail!

Askmewhats said...

love your brush set! it looks like its really made of good quality!!!

Violet Honeybee said...

Ohhh!! I want i want! =D Does it shed?? I have the costco brushes from.. 2007 I think with the clear handles and still use them =P

Just found your blog and I LOOOVe the looks you do! You're so talented ^-^

Neeyuh said...

I bought a set there a few years back and wasn't too impressed by it but this set looks much better. The brushes look like they're a lot more sturdy. Great post!

Dayna said...

I'm drooling-- you know me and a brush bargain!!