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Friday, April 4, 2008

Brushes Collection

Ok, I think it's a time for me to share my makeup brushes collection. One note tho, I don't own any of M.A.C brushes.... I know we all agree on the the idea of applying great makeup = using great brushes, but somehow I couldn't drag my ass to go on and buy a $40~something foundation brush, personally, I'd rather buy a great foundation LOL.

(same idea on nail polish, I think a $2,00 nail polish would look as good as a $20,00 ones, what you need is a great base coat and top coat. .... maybe it's just me)

So yeah, here's the pics:

The whole collection (I need better containers LOL)
Eye Brushes (Left) Face&Lip Brushes (Right)

My 2 super-duper soft Kabukis:
both are from Costco, Kirkland brush set (Left) Borghese Makeup Bag (Right)
They both shed like madness the first time I use them, but after the first washed they aren't as bad on shedding, and they are very soft.

Costco Brush Set (I get them with the roll bag and a shimmering powder)
The Face brushes:
L-R: Powder brush, Blush brush, Foundation brush, Fan brush (I use it for my super pigmented blush & for contouring my cheekbones), Brow/Lash groomer

The other brushes:
L-R: Eyeshadow brush, Angled eye contour brush (I use it for my inner corner and outter lid), Precision eyeshadow brush (great for crease), Eye smudger, Flat eyeliner brush, Lip brush

Bare Escentuals brushes

(from Beyond the Basics kit) *probably the most expensive brushes I own, but I didn't buy it myself, someone gave it to me hehehe*
L-R: Soft Focus Face brush (I use it for my powder and compact foundation, really soft) and Max Coverage Concealer brush (I love it, get the right amount of both liquid and mineral concealer)

Essence of Beauty brushes:
L-R: Angled cheek contour brush (for bronzer), and two of Crease brushes

Random brushes:
I got them when I was still in Japan so most of them are "Chasity" brand, except the 2nd from the right)
L-R: Small concealer brush (I use it for covering blemishes), Flat eyeshadow brush (this is my staple, I use it for foiling, packs mineral e/s and pigments really well), Fluffy blending brush (to blend harsh lines), Christian Dior brush (I hate it, so scratchy) and Small Angled brush (for eyebrow & lower lid)

and of course, my newest brush,
EDM Flat Top Brush
which I use for applying mineral it mucho mucho


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Love your brushes! I have the CVS brushes and love them. I'm still debating whether to get the EDM Flat Top brush or CVS kind. I'm going to go to the MAC counter to try out the MMU, but when it comes out in Macy's. Do you think they will give me a sample?? LOL or maybe just laugh at my face....I don't want to buy it full price and go to the hassle of returning it!

Oh, as for the HI flight doesn't affect me...I'm actually taking another airline carrier...LOL. Overdramatic for nothing!

Vanessa said...

Whoa that's a lot of brushes! Thanks for sharing!

Nanzy said...

Audge You're lucky you have CVS around coz right here we don't :( therefore I had to order EoB online and I can't feel them, thats why I decided to get the EDM flat top coz although I couldn't feel how soft it was there were 5 people who convinced me to get it LOL

Maybe you can go to MAC store and get samples and if you like it, buy it @ Macy's LOL hahahah and you should be excited about Hawaii, the drama only makes it worth more LOL

Vanessa Hi !!! thank you for visiting my blog :D I've been reading yours like everyday so it's such an honor hehehe. Yeah the Costco brushes really makes it look ALOT, I got it on my last birthday ^_^

Askmewhats said...

hey sis, great blush collecion, and you know what? SO TRUE! I am open for other brushes as long as I'm comfortable with it and it's not totally bad quality, and YES! I would spend a lot on foundation as well! hahaha what's in having a great brush if your foundation or make-up doesn't do its job? thanks for this

Liz said...

great brushes! :-)

Nanzy said...

Nikki yay you're with me on this!!! hehehe I am surprisingly satisfied with my cheap brushes I bought from random store in Japan LOL so I don't think I'll be buying new brushes anytime soon ^_^ thank you!

Liz hey, thanx for visiting :D your picture looks so pweeeety! You're from SG? We're neighbour, I'm Indonesian (",) heheh