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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quick Makeup Tips & Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Review

Finally an FOTD, right? haha! I did this natural, "I'm just going out to buy tampons" look less than 15 minutes, a very quick & simple trick that will help you to look alive when you only have so little time.

What's used above
  • EG Mineral Face Primer
  • Pure Ananda Niagara Fawn Foundation
  • Thevi Rogue Blush
  • NYX Rootbeer e/s (on crease)
  • Thevi Onyx Pencil Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Totally Toffee Lipstick

My personal tips & tricks for a quick 'awakening' (hahaha!) :
  1. Apply moisturizer before putting on anything on your face, no matter what. A dry flakey skin isn't hot.
  2. If you're lazy putting on foundation, skip it. Use concealer to hide imperfection.
  3. Wear a blush! Applying it on your cheek's apple will make you look flushed & healthy. If you don't have blush around, use your pink lipstick & blend around. If you don't have lipstick either, pinch your cheeks for couple of seconds.
  4. No time for eyeshadows? Just curl your eyelashes & apply black eyeliner in you waterline to accentuate your eyes.
  5. Skip lipstick & apply lipgloss instead.
Having said that, I am currently in love with this particular lipstick that I found in drugstore. It's from Maybelline's newest line that's called Color Sensational. The color that I'm reviewing is from the "brown" family (SURPRISE, HUH? lol) but it's not completely brown as it has a pinkish undertone to it.

The color is called Totally Toffee #215. I am in love with this color because it suits my undertone really well, not too pinky nor nude, just about right. The consistency is also great, it applies like a dream, smooth & moisturizing. It does have a slight rose scent but not too overpowering. I was able to snatch it while my drugstore was having 40% off for Maybelline brand so I got this lippy for about $4. Check out your local store & see if you like this line, I know I do.


Askmewhats said...

lovely FOTD, you look so pretty, just like you came back from a lovely vacation with nude lippie!

wuzzyangel said...

Yay!! I've been missing that gorgeous face of yours! LOL! "Buying tampons"!!

That Totally Toffee really suits you well!! Very nice natural lippie!!

Amy said...

Nanzy! That's the exact color that I have! I bought Totally Toffee a few weeks ago and I'm planning to get more colors because I absolutely love this line of lippies!! It's one of those MLBB colors that I can wear everyday.

Very nice simple look FOTD! =)

Deborah Jones said...

Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!! i'M STILL looking for my perfect nudey peachy lip. Pah!

LT said...

Great look! Is the lippie moisturizing?

abby said...

the color looks amazing on you. it makes your skin glow nicely :) the review is great.

izumi said...

HAHAH i love your look descrip ;) "just going out to buy tampons"! perfect.

LOVING that color.. i def'o have to go check that one out!

Erica said...

*gasps* I was going to get that one today, but I settled for Warm Me Up, it's another from the brown family w/ pinkish undertones. Have you seen it? But I really like this one you had on, darnit I better go get it, lol

PBunnieP said...

Wow, that is a really nice nude. I'm planning to pick some up this week, haven't decided what colour to get yet, they have so many!

Sofee said...

very pretty fotd..I love what u call it "Im just going out to buy tampons" look!! lol!!! OMG I browsed through the browns and totally saw this coor and was so tempted to pick it up but I stuck to my love for pink and bought "make me pink instead"