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Saturday, October 3, 2009

EOTD: Urban Decay Deluxe Palette (Plus Review)

A lovely reader of mine asked me to review this palette but I obviously suffer from a short term memory loss because I can't remember who the person was.

If you're reading this and felt that you've requested this review, please leave me a shout out! (I apologize...)

Anyway, I own this palette for over a year now (think I purchased it on Christmas 2008) and I admit I've been rationing it. Silly as it sounds, I am afraid that I'd use up the shadows and they will discontinue it. Sure you now have a clue how much I love this palette.

Deluxe Palette contains of 9 colors of Urban Decay most favorite eye shadows. The single eye shadow sells for $18 each but this palette costs $38. I think that's a steal, not to mention you'll get a small tube of the Primer Potion along with this palette. I got it at Sephora and clearly remembered paying only $36, so that freaking brand has raised the price over a year *grrr*.


The palette comes in a velvety purple box with pretty silver sequins on top, probably my favorite amongst Urban Decays palette. The opening is magnetized and it has a built in mirrors inside.

Colors & Pigmentation

As I mentioned, 9 colorful shadows that you can play around with. It's very versatile for traveling because you're getting this bold colors like Graffiti & Peace but at the same time you can wear it casual & subdued with the three colors on the last row. Underground is no doubt the prettiest brown I've ever encountered.

I'm also loving the fact that they have black eyeshadow (Zero) which can be paired up with ANY other color in this palette. The only downside is probably no highlighter color for brow bone but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Pigmentation is FANTABULOUS. I hardly use the word fantabulous coz it's not even a real word (LOL) but I'd use it this time because it's simpy fantastic & fabulous. Every eyeshadow applies like butter, they're soft yet super pigmented. The finish are all metalic (especially Honey which looks like gold), which I adore, some has more shimmer than the others, only Zero has a slight glitter in it but they're not obvious. They're all easily blendable & I love each & every one of them dearly. Wow I sound like a weirdo lol.

I didn't do swatches because my battery ran out but you can find great swatches online like here, here and here.

*Upper lid: UD Deluxe (Scratch, Fishnet, Peace , Ransom)
*Lower lid:UD Deluxe (Honey, Graffiti, Zero)
*Rimmel Sexy Curve Mascara
*L'oreal HiP Black Cream Eyeliner
*Revlon Intensifying Lashes

Hope you enjoyed & have a nice weekend!


wuzzyangel said...

Gorgeous looks! And it's soo ROCKER-ish! LOL! Must be the metallic finish to them! But that is a great deal!

Amy said...

Hehe, I was the one who requested the review xD

The look you did is absolutely gorgeous! You should do a tutorial of it one ^^

Catherine said...

Wow, gorgeous colors!

ndoodles said...

I def. have been eyeing this and def. have bid for this on eBay. I still haven't gotten it yet... but one day! One day I will!

Askmewhats said...

the shades are so pretty, I really love the pigmentation and the "creaminess" of Urban Decay e/s! Your eotd is so pretty

Blovet Beauty said...

ohh.. really sexy EOTD! urban decay is pretty fab!

markjoy said...

Ah, such a well timed review, A! I just got this palette for my birthday, and your tutorial may as well have been written by me, as it reflected my thoughts on it perfectly. Buttery, shimmery, pigmented, beautiful, and only lacking a good browbone color. But you're right. I wouldn't want to remove any of the colors for this purpose, so it's worth keeping a separate compact for that purpose. I feel like I just joined a cult, I want to rave about it so much. Although they are pigmented, the colors can go on very softly or very easily can be applied dramatically. Great eye, I think I'm going to try those colors next. Thanks so much for the great review and eye tutorial!

Nanzy said...

Hi Markjoy!!!

^^ nice to see you here. Yeah I was writing this review when I saw your post on the board, isn't this palette gorgeous? the possibility of color combining is soooo much =) anyway, thanks for stopping by.

izumi said...

ooooo i'm loving the look ;D as always!