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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Haul of The Day: Good Smelling Goodies

This post will be a quick haul/review of the recent bath & body products I have received both from swap or that I bought myself.

First of is from Lunableu. This is a company I recently discovered, some people have had great experience with this company so I thought why not give it a try. I went ahead and ordered some EDP sample vials (for $1.50 each & they're BIG) and a bath cream.

Before purchasing I contacted the owner, Tanya, asking if she has a dupe for LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar dupe because I love that scent but refuse to spend $9 for that tiny bar. She replied me right away saying she would get it from her supplier, I kinda felt bad for ordering it only in EDP vial thinking about the problem I have caused her.

Anyway, when my ordered arrived I nearly squeaked when I saw that Tanya upgraded the Comforter sample to a full size roll-on. Now THAT'S an amazing customer service. She also included an extra EDP sample vial & a tube of
Shea Body Whip.

My complete order:

**Whipped Bath Cream
- Cafe Caramel Latte
(picture below)

**EDP Sample Vials
- Candy, Baby
- Crimson Candy
- Fleur De Lis
- Pink Fairy Dust
- Marshmallow Fluff Cake

- Mango Mousse Cake

**Roll On
- The Comforter

**25% Shea Body Whip
- Pink Pumpkin

I'm wearing the Crimson Candy
(orange & blackberry cotton candy) at the moment & I'm LOVING it so much, it smells very bright & fruity. Fleur De Lis is a complete surprise, I never thought it'd be this pretty & complex. Here is the break down.

top notes: grapefruit, orange zest, and tangerine.
Middle notes: strawberries, apples, pears, rose petals and jasmine
Bottom notes: vetiver, white musk, and ylang ylang

I seriously love everything, the roll on is long lasting, bath cream is nicely scented & lather so well. I also got a coupon of free roll on for my next order. I really recommend Lunableu because not only her products are great, highly scented, and good price but also her CS is superb (not to mention a cute label & packaging)^^

Check out Lunableu here.

Next one is my MUA swap, I received Isle of Eden (IoE) Eden's Mist Hydrating Body Spray in Sugar Me! Marshmallow.

Sugar Me! Marshmallow is amongst IoE most popular scents and now I know why. You know I'm always iffy about cake scent for body products because my weird body chemistry but I'm so glad this scent works for me. Upon spraying it smells like a white fluffy marshmallow but it quickly dries down to a creamier vanilla and airy white wedding cake. One time I wore this for the whole day and I could barely smell it anymore, but all of the sudden my guy friend walked in and said "Something smells like chocolate here. I am hungry. Who is it?" ^^ lol Boys & their simple smell buds.

For my tresses, I hardly use retail products anymore because parabens & SLS scare me. I read about how great Jojoelle conditioner is and they were having a Free Shipping Sale couple of weeks ago.

You know free shipping is my weakness so I couldn't pass it up. I ordered a 4 Oz pump bottle of Magnificent Marshmallow Conditioner.

I have to say I am amazed by this product, it's so thick unlike other e-tailer conditioner and it makes my hair feels so soft.

It also doesn't weigh my hair down and the Magnificent Marshmallow scent is lovely. I can't say I'm in love with it (no matter how hard I try to) because I am used to having fruity scents for my hair products. But, I think this is a perfect scent for layering if I use a strong scented shampoo like CYS Somali Rose.

Jojoelle also shipped my order within 2 days, so check her out here.

Another hair stuff I'm loving at the moment is actually not an e-tailer product. I bought this when I was back in Indonesia. This is a Watson's brand and I don't think you can find it anywhere else. The reason I bought this is actually my obsession of the body washes in the same scent, Green Tea & Jasmine. Unfortunately Watson is no longer carrying the body wash (BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!) and I asked if they have whatever product in the same scent. They told me only the Hair Mask is available so I went ahead purchasing without thinking.

You noticed it says "Treatment Wax" on the label but it actually means a deep conditioner / hair mask treatment. The consistency is thick and it smells divine. I have used this for 2 months and I'm very happy with the result. I don't apply this cream directly on my roots because I have an oily scalp so what I do is just apply it on my strands, concentrating on the tips (the one that is breakage prone). I waited for around 5 minutes (more is suggested but I normally have no patience) and rinse them off. My hair always feel shinier & light afterwards and did I mention it smells freaking fabulous?????

Ok, last one is from Cocoa Pink. They were having a "Pumpkin Galore", as part of Halloween Seasonal offer, which allowed customer to order a sample of their newest pumpkin scents. I am always a fan of Cocoa Pink for their tremendous quality of product, cute labels & scents so I went ahead and purchase a sample. I had no idea what the sample would be but I chose the scent in "Perfect Pumpkin Marshmallow". We only had to pay a $1.05 shipping (isn't it awesome?) and the item arrived within a few days.

I was so excited knowing that the free sample is in Voluptuous Body Butter. So many girls swear on this awesome product and I just couldn't wait to try. The Perfect Pumpkin Marshmallow is simply perfect for those of you who can't really do spicy pumpkin as this one is so creamy. The texture of the body butter is very rich but surprisingly not greasy at all. It sinks in within seconds and only left me with the amazing pumpkin marshmallowy goodness.

I just made another order from Cocoa Pink, I am intrigued by their new Halloween Gift Set called Teeny Toils and Tiny Troubles, basically a set of small size items. I will get 11 products for only $25.99 including shipping. The best thing about it is the scents will be a blackberry blends, I looooooooooove Blackberries!

~Here are the scent descriptions of the set~

1st Witch – she’s the lazy one, falls asleep while reading over the spells. She’s the reason for the recent “situation” that burned down most of London. You know when she’s been napping as she leaves behind the scent of lavender, ozone, black amber, and her favorite snack…marshmallow sugar!

2nd Witch – The brains of the bunch, she can be slightly OCD. Everything needs to be “perfect” and don’t even think of touching her book of spells, she will turn you into a toad! She does have a teeny secret, she loves butter rum. Sometimes you can smell it on her breath, buttery rum, butterscotch cookies, black amber, and just a hint of blackberry jam.

3rd Witch – She’s a romantic. Better suited at being a fairy than a witch, her sisters would boil her if they found out. She’d rather be writing love poems than spells (unless it’s a love spell!). Instead of studying potions, she reads romance novels. She smells of a Secret Love Potion – A duplication of "Falling in Love" with a little something to keep it a secret!

Blackberry Sugar - Blackberry, Sugar Whipped Cotton Candy, and a splash of Candyfloss.
Blackberry Bliss – Blackberry Musk with a dusting of White Flowers.
Cauldron Bubbles - Squashed Blackberries mixed into a potion of Sweet Sugary Cotton Candy, Pounds of Marshmallows, Cupcake Batter, Buttery Frosting.
Full Moon - Blackberry, Coconut Milk, Marshmallows, White Chocolate
Eye of Newt - Sweet Blackberries with a twist of lime.
Midnight Hag - Tart Blackberries, Vanilla Bean Noel, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.
Something Wicked - Tart Cranberries, Sweet Ripe Backberries, Crushed Raspberries, and one lone Strawberry that tried to get away.
Three Witches – Blackberry Musk, Plum Apricot, and a splash of Spiritueuse Double Vanilla

I can't wait !!!!!!!


wuzzyangel said...

You always review and haul the most delish sounding smelly products! LOL! Don't know if that made sense!

If you're a contortionist.. I think we can fit you in my bag! ;) LOL!

LT said...

You must have an amazing sniffer if you can detect top notes, middle notes and bottom notes of a scent! If I smell something it's either "hmm, smells fruity, hmmm, smells chocalatey, hmm, smells floral, hmmm smells kinda sorta sweet"

I'd be all paranoid if we ever met and you smelled something on me. "hmm, LT has a top note of Citrus, a middle note of body odor, and a bottom note of Ban" LOL