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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Product Focus: Guerlain Divinora Radiant Colour Palette

I did a swap with my lovely virtual friend Lara who lives in Malta. I sent her some of yummy smelling goodies and she sent me a couple of gorgeous European brand makeups.

The awesome looking quad on the left is by Guerlain. I know Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume house in the world and it's based in France.

This palette is called Divinora Radiant Colour and the one I got is in Touche de Bronze.

I can't stop staring at the gold plated packaging, it's very pretty. The case is very sturdy, and there's a "Guerlain" carved in the middle bottom part of the opening.


As I mentioned, the case is ultra sturdy and pretty. The gold color just makes it look so expensive & classy. It has an inside mirror and sponge tip applicator. On the bottom you can find
logo, brand and palette name.


This palette contains of 4 colors and they're all very interesting. The "bronze" isn't really warm based bronze but instead it has an olive tint. I absolutely love these and I can see wearing them a lot in the future since they're pretty subdued.

Pigmentation & Swatches

The 4 colors are varied in terms of finish, the lightest & darkest color has more shimmer (and harder in texture) whereas the other two looks more matte and softer.

They're very pigmented and easily buildable. I really like the darkest greyish dark olive because it has the coolest sparkle and it would look awesome for outer V or even as a liner.

Swatches can be found below.

This is sold retail for $56 and you can find it at Sephora here.


Lara said...

I', glad you liked it!:-)

wuzzyangel said...

thanks for the swatches! And I know all the girls love this brand! Especially for the texture & pigmentation! Can't wait to see your looks with it! ;)

CHARRY said...

love the packaging! and the colors are pretty too :)

izumi said...

ooooo pretty :) :) and the case looks really interesting!