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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haul of The Day: Indonesian Brand Lipsticks

This would be my last post from Indonesia as I'm leaving tomorrow, going back to Oahu land. I've had so much fun at home, really sad to leave my family again but I know I'm gonna see them again one day so that thought should tide me over. Anyway, to keep this blog to be makeup-related, I'd like to share some of good find.

I was with my mom, out shopping and I saw these lipsticks galore at one counter. When I found out they're all Indonesian brands so I thought, hey why don't I give them a try? They're fairly cheap ($2-$3) and the color selection was pretty decent. So out of several brands, I picked out 3 lipsticks from different brands.

The box is pretty cute ♥


Wardah (Glazing Plum) is a Hydro Gloss, so although it's bright in the tube, it goes on pretty sheer on lips. It also contains mineral oils (goes on very smooth) which helps chapped/dry lips.

Pureglow (Majesty Brown) is more concentrated & goes on smoothly. I like this color because it gives the MLBB color. The finish is fairly creamy.

Another one I picked up is a brand called Aubeau. I have this illness of picking the same color over & over again so please bare with my boring color choice here =)

I really like how they have "Aubeau" printed in the tube

The color called Light Beige and it has a matte finish, I really like the subtle coral color because it matches my skin tone pretty well.

That's all for now, I'm pretty happy with my find although I didn't really shop makeup too much. I'm trying to shop my own stash now, but if you missed my couple of last posts where I spot an interesting find of FAKE MAC, try click here. Will blog soon!!!!


izumi said...

oh please, they're great colors xD

Askmewhats said...

love your lippie hauls!!!! Funny how in Asia we have so many fake MACs :)

wuzzyangel said...

Those are gorgeous colors! And the finish and the pigmentation is really pretty! :)

FYI it's been HOT here again. Well I'm sure Indonesia is hotter, but just a warning! LOL!

Anonymous said...

they're luuurvely!! xx

iamgrape1119 said...

Wow! Those colors look great!! However, you lips look even BETTER!

Fifi said...

I missed you!

I haven't seen Pureglow anywhere. Where did you find it? The color looks pretty! :)

Sofee said...

U have like the best taste in lipstick :D

dita said...

nancyy.. napsir ama pureglownyaa :)
beli dmn jeng di jakarta? :D

Mayzqueen said...

I LOve Wardah Lipstick ;)