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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Haul of The Day: Cleanse Your Soul

I'm back in Aloha Land !!! Yes, ladies...after all the MEGA long hours of flight & layover, I finally breathe a fresh Hawaiian air back again. Surprisingly it's still really hot in here (WUZZY, you're right! & thanks for the warning, hun :P).

Well, it's been a while since I do reviews on good smelling body products so this post would be a one. I jumped on the bandwagon of Cleanse Your Soul (CYS) sale back in August, which offered a free roll on plus free shipping (how could a girl resist, huh? HUH?) for order over $25. I love me some CYS and you know I need to get ready for fall & the yummy smelling goodness.

So I pulled the trigger and ordered:
  • Soy Shampoo - SOMALI ROSE
  • Eau de Parfum - PINK LILACS
  • Eau de Parfum - RACHEL GOES PINK
  • Silk & Shea Soap (sample size) - HAWAIIAN RAIN
  • Silk & Shea Soap (sample size) - WALNUT CREAM CAKE
For free Roll On - RESTLESS HEARTS
For freebies, I got Tart - RED VELVET CAKE & Yogurt Soap - DARK PUMPKIN PEACH

Scent Review
  • Somali Rose (Rose with chocolate, sandalwood, anise, musk and a twist of green moss. Incredibly sexy scent) - Rose can be overwhelming for some people and honestly I always thought rose is such an 'old lady' scent.....but not this particular kind of rose. Somali Rose is a very sexy & warm type of rose that is not too floral. It's a bit spicy but not too much to make you crinkle, it also has this 'clean' unisex vibe that your boyfriend/hubby would love too.
  • Pink Lilacs (Spring never smelled sweeter! Lilacs meets sweet Pink Sugar) - Yes, I'm ordering spring scent in fall, so sue me. Pink Sugar is probably one of my favorite blending base for perfume and this one is just so pretty. The sweetness of Pink Sugar is toned down by the light springy lilac, it's basically a gorgeous scent that makes you want to wear floral dress and run around the sunflower field.
  • Rachel Goes Pink (Orange, strawberry, lemon, lime, grapefruit & raspberry mixed with Pink Sugar) - Mmm...this should be named a fun in a bottle, everything screams fruity & it wears so well without smelling too childish. Pink Sugar makes the ordinary fruit basket smells more grown up & sophisticated.
  • Hawaiian Rain (Guava, papaya, pineapple, followed by the floral notes of the air after a rain) - Ok, I'm one of those people who don't quite know how would rain smell like but this blend is sooo good. It's fruity but clean at the same time, think of a laundry sheet that costs you an arm & leg.
  • Walnut Cream Cake (Layers of rich brown sugar cake topped with walnut whipped cream frosting) - I ordered this because I wanted to try a foody scent which sometimes works against my chemistry. This is a scent that made me fall in love at first sniff. It's MEGA scrumptious & warm, the scent reminds me of a light airy pumpkin mousse mixed with a toasted marshmallow & brown sugar drizzle. This one is a must have, I know I'm gonna reorder this!!!
  • Restless Hearts (Amber Vanilla based fragrance with a hint of gentle orchids and soft powder notes) - I was a tad disappointed by this because I was hoping for a less powdery type of scent, but it's still pretty & wearable.
  • Red Velvet Cake (Cocoa, buttermilk, vanilla and sugar topped with cream cheese frosting) -It's a regular RVC scent, with a yellow cake note that I'm not really keen about but I can see how foody lover would go ga-ga over this. I think this would be my least favorite scent out of the bunch.
  • Dark Pumpkin Peach (Pumpkin Bread with a hint of peach drizzled with caramel) - Yum, a sweet & warm pumpkin with a slight peach note in the background, perfect for thanksgiving season.
OHHH I forgot how fun this is, all the excitement of unwrapping the box, smelling each & every single item and re-sniffing them, trying to figure out which one to try first. Let me tell you, these stuffs are addicting and once you fall into the devil circle of smelling goodies, you're in serious trouble. Trust me, I know.


Chrissy said...

Nice haul, I'm glad you had a safe flight back! :)

wuzzyangel said...

The hawaiian rain sounds delish!!

Yeah.. Hot still, but at least now we're getting A LITTLE rain.. we need it.. too many damn brush fires!


Amy said...

Oh my, another CYS haul xD

Rachel Goes Pink and Pink Lilacs are some of my favorite scents, glad you like them too =D

Ann* said...

seems like you're still smelling goooood. =)

Nanzy said...

Thanks hon...

Nanzy said...

True...a little rain wouldn't hurt. In fact I love a cold rainy day coz I can just stay put & drink warm tea~ lol lazy ass of moi.

Nanzy said...


how are you, sweety? yes RGP is so fruity, I love it. Pink Lilacs is also good but not better than RGP imo.

Nanzy said...

Hey Ann!!
I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu