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Monday, August 24, 2009

Tag: What are you using?

EDIT: WOW I just found out that I did this tag back in February 2009 LOL, but that's ok, this is a good way for me to keep track of what I use and stuffs updated. Have fun (re)reading ♥♥♥

(I got this from Lollipop26

Shampoo: Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo. Now don't let the 'herbal' scares you because this shampoo actually smells like Winter Candy Apple (so yum) and it doesn't have SLS in it. I did a quick haul/review post back then.

Conditioner: using & loving an E-tailer conditioner, it's from Get Whipped and the scent is Blood Orange Blackberry. Makes me drool just by typing it hahah.

Styling products: I don't use any, but if I have to use flat iron, I'd probably use Aussie Sydney Smooth Heat Protector.

Shower Gel: Valerie's Uncommon Scents (an e-tailer) Dark Chocolate 3 in 1...simply a crack in a bottle.

Body Moisturizer: All time favorite, Cozy Moment's Pink Lime Sugar Whipped Body Frosting. Smells & feels A M A Z I N G. Visit their Etsy here.

Deodorant: Crystal.

Fake Tan: None

Cleanser: a dermatologist's

Exfoliator: microfiber cloth

Primer: EG Minerals Face Primer Gel (love it better than MAC Prep + Prime)

Foundation Brush: EDM Flat Top Foundation Brush

Concealer: EDM Spring Concealer

Powder: Pure Anada Mineral Foundation & EG Minerals Hi Def Pro Powder

Blusher: Loving Silk Natural's Poppy & La Femme Soft Beige Blush

Bronzer: Thevi Mocha

Highlighter: Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronze

Eyeshadow base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyeshadows: too many but I'm loving Sonia Kashuk Neutral Palette, Kat Von D Rad Purple & EG Minerals Cafe Au Lait

Eyeliner: Thevi Onyx Pencil Liner

Curler: the good cheapo ELF curler

Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves

Lipstick: Art Deco Glossy Lipcare Medium Rose

Lipgloss: NYX Smokey Look

Nail Colour: China Glaze Agent Lavender

I'm tagging all my subscribers =)


wuzzyangel said...

How do those crystal deodorants work? I've always wondered about them! LOL!

Nanzy said...

I like it & it works for it's natural, meaning it doesn't contain Aluminum so it's always a plus =)

LT said...

I've used those deodorant crystals before and they were the pits. hahaha I crack myself up.

Conditioner from Get Whipped huh? I'll check them out!

Nanzy said...

Heya sexy mama,
LMAO they were the pits, u madness.! but I think Get Whipped is closed temporarily =( stuffs I hate about etailers sometimes. But hey you shd try Valerie's Uncommon Scents conditioners, they're pretty good too.

Amy said...

You're still using Valerie's Uncommon Scents Dark Chocolate 3-in-1? It's some seriously yummy-smelling stuff hehe!
I remember ordering it after reading about it on your blog and I still love it too. Just got my second bottle of it last week :)

Nanzy said...

LOL I'm rationing it !!! but I'm glad you love it too : ) *hi five*