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Friday, July 10, 2009

Haul of The Day: Traincase

Well, my makeup collection has indeed grew unshamefully for the last 2 years and I knew someday I would need a bigger storage and something I could take around with me. I had my small black case I bought from Muji 無印良品 years ago, but it can no longer hold my growing foundations collection, let alone all my eyeshadow palettes.

I have been searching online and although the price was tempting, the shipping cost wasn't..especially to Hawaii which MOSTLY always require extra cost. So I was walking around at Ace Hardware in Jakarta couple days ago and I saw this cute black leather traincase and price tag was only $49.99 O.O I thought my eyes fooled me but it turned out they were having this "election sale" haha I compared to another store which sells the exact same thing but the price was doubled the one at Ace Hardware, so we came back and bought it.

I remember seeing this exact bag at and it costs around $79.95, you can check it out here.

I like how it's not too big and heavy so now I have something to store all my little jars & palettes.

isn't he gorgeous???

Yay for new home !!

I also met up with my friends at Taman Anggrek Mall and we had a blast, it's always enjoyable to be surrounded by people you like and can talk for hours & hours. We decided to ate at Fish & Co which is a Seafood restaurant. The food was pretty decent, but I like the relaxed environment...really nice for a rendezvous =D

EG Minerals Face Primer Gel
Pure Anada Niagara Fawn Mineral Foundation
EDM Spring Concealer
La Femme Soft Beige Blush

NYX Nude e/s
NYX Brown e/s
NYX Rootbeer e/s
Thevi Onyx Pencil Eyeliner
CG Lash Blast Mascara

NYX Circe l/s
NYX Tea l/s


Askmewhats said...

gosh!!! I love your traincase! it's too pretty and its obviously made with quality!!!

You look lovely and your friends too!!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Look at you all sexy for hanging out!! Good food & Good Friends are always a great combo!

Yay for finding a traincase for a good price!! And that sucker looks like it holds a lot!! And you got everything all nicely organized too!!

Shipping to Hawaii does suck ass!

Precious said...

Such a nice traincase! It looks like it's VERY good quality as well. Not bad for only $49.99!

ning * star said...

oh, i love your train case. everything is so tidy

Catherine said...

Nice traincase!

And love your FOTD - you look so pretty and glowy!

Sofee said...

ur traincase is sooo cute and it looks so spacious!!!

izumi said...

you are super gorgeous! i love the look you did :D natural and hawt. and yay for using NYX stuff! so much easier to copy looks when the brands don't cost $50 for one item.

Ai said...

baguuuus baguuuuus baguuuuuuus! eh emang biasanya harga begituan brpan bi?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

looking gorgeous!!

nice deal on the muji train case!! a bargain.... looks very elegant and sleek too!

Nanzy said...

thanks =) i love that little black thing hahaha

Nanzy said...


Yeh, shipping to HI sucks thats why I never bought traincase..heard they sell it at Kmart but the one nearby kinda blows lols

Nanzy said...

Hi Precious, does good job holding all my crap hahaha

Nanzy said...


Thanks =D

Nanzy said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks so much..

Nanzy said...


Yeah the traincase does look small but spacious =D

Nanzy said...

Hey Izumi,

Thanks alot NYX and we don't need expensive makeups to look expensive ^^

myystiqueen said...

aaah... me want the traincase!!!!

can't believe ace hardware had it.... were there lots of different traincases??

gee.. i totally need one... especially since i will leave all of myy makeup here on summer break... if i don't find a new one, they will melt like crazy... >.<