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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Touch Phones Review

Well, I'm obsessed with offense to Blackberry user. It's always funny how nowadays people seem to halve I-phone & BB user like PC & Mac. I think it's always about preferences and what you feel the most comfortable with.I honestly prefer I-phone because I love the interface and features, but I'm always open for new thing, for example G1 phone which sounds really really tempting.

I came across Touch Phones which is a site dedicated for touch screen phones. To my surprise, there are apparently many other touch screen phones which I have never heard about, thanks to this site I found out about Nokia Touch Phones and others. Nokia is pretty much the most used brand in Indonesia but I had no idea that they have touch screen phones.

This site basically gives you practicality to search for brands, models and the best deal you can get. You can also find the features of each phone, like the talk time, weight, standby time, or whether or not it supports 3G. I was checking out the G1 phones by T-mobile and it certainly will be my next one if I ever change phone. Another cool thing is they will tell you the contract length of each phone so you would know beforehand and won't feel cheated. If you'd prefer a more wallet-friendly phones you could check out their Cheap Touch Screen Phones which tells you the lowest rate in the market and you can filter them by brands, tariffs, even colors.

Although this site is UK based, I think everyone could take advantage from this site as the rate should not be so different and the comparisons of phones is always useful for those who are in a hunt for new touch screen phones. Hope someone would find this helpful =)


Chrissy said...

I want a touch screen phone, but I guess I don't really need it. As for practicality, I don't need it down here, specially since telecoms here SUCK. Thanks for the info though, really appreciated! :)

wuzzyangel said...

thanks for sharing!! I was soo gonna get a touch phone when my phone was up for upgrading in Aug. But I'm gonna hold off. Still payin off the damn MACBOOKPRO! LOL!