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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Election Virgin

Yes, you heard me right....I am an election virgin, I have never voted for my own president. The reason was not because I could not careless or I was a part of the blank party, but mainly because I was never at home ever since I turned 17. The election in Indonesia is in every 5 years and you need to be 17 to vote. 5 years ago when I was finally had a chance to vote for the first time (I was 18), I was in Japan but this year luckily, I am home during the election period. I was pretty nervous LoL silly silly.

So me & the fam bam went to our TPU (Election Place) and registered. I was given a ballot which I had to bring to the silver box to mark who I wanted to choose to be the next Indonesian President & Vice President.

After that we are supposed to put the ballot in a sealed box,
and mark our pinky finger with a purple stain
(just so you can't vote twice)
Here is a proof that I have voted!!!


damn I never thought I look so muscular from the back =(

Ugghhhh, it's gonna stain for days!

Happy sis~

Thanks for reading, until next time!!!


LT said...

I'm glad you mentioned the purple stain on your pinky or I was going to say, "uh, you kinda drew outside of the nail area with that nail polish"

What if someone goes home and washes the purple stain off and tries to vote again? Why purple? Why can't it be electric blue? Or Magenta? Or Flashy Teal? Do they do a different color every election? Are these too many dumb ass questions that need not be answered?

I like your lil' sis' shirt.

fuzkittie said...

Hehe you look so cute, esp picking ur nose :P

wuzzyangel said...

Some muscular is good! LOL

Now that's interesting. The whole finger staining. But a good way to control.

Nanzy said...


lol actually there's an explanation about the purple stain, they're using the regular ink which only has 1 color, the one they use for stamps & all....

if you're really interested to know, hahaha

Nanzy said...


=) thanks haha

Nanzy said...


It is helpful to control but I doubt people would actually go out of their way to vote twice.