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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodies from Europe

So the rumors about Megan Fox is not true *wipe off forehead*, I'd still like to think of her being a hot chick no matter how jealous I am with her amazing bone structure & sexy pouty lips lol. Moving on, my mom came back from Sweden and she brought tons of goodies for us. She went for business trip for a week and I'm glad she could enjoy the nice weather & awesome scenery. I think my mom needed it =)

She was wearing BATIK (Indonesian traditional pattern & clothes) during her trip, mom said she needs to "promote" Indonesia hahaha you go, mommy!

Pretty Tulips

Some of the goodies she brought home,
she also brought TONS of chocolates, candies, & perfumes

Swatches from the eye pencils, they're nice & very creamy
so I doubt it I could wear it as a base

Mom also stopped by Amsterdam,
Don't you love how they put "XXX" and Weed sign on the cap? lmao

and she went to HEMA !!!! ='(
I wanna go tooooooo

My brother with his Live Long & Prosper cola pillow.

Ahhhhh I wanna go Euroland~~~~


Ai said...

asiiiiiiikkkk! the eye pencils look goooooood! kok ga bs dijadiin base bi? and those HEMA earrings are gorgeous! kyknya di jerman waktu itu br mau buka deh damn!

LT said...

Wow, how nice of your mom to bring back goodies for you guys.

That sock coin purse is so funny. Have you tried to slip your foot in there to see if it fits?...I would've totally done that... (whispering so no one can hear me)

Askmewhats said...

wow the pencils look wonderful :) and the photos are great, love the batik outfit :)

wuzzyangel said...

I'd love to go traveling anywhere international! LOL! But you're mom brought back some kick ass stuff!! The hat is too funny!!

The pencils look great for undereye lining! :)

Nanzy said...


Those pencils are so creamy, it's a no no for my oily lids hehehe yaaah ga sempet ke HEMA ya? They stuffs are soooo cute!!

Nanzy said...

LT !!!

LMAO you must be joking, the first thing I did when she gave me that sock was TRYING IT ON !!! hahahaahahahahahaha gosh, great minds think alike.

Nanzy said...


Thanks =) Batik has some gorgeous pattern and recently Indonesian designer came up with modern twist to make them more wearable. Now it's pretty popular among the youngsters too.

Nanzy said...

Hey Wuzzy,

lol yeah, it's actually a neck pillow....don't ask me how the hell my brother got the idea to make it Klingon style lol

Laura said...

that's so fun to see, you got stuff from the netherlands! I'm from the netherlands and it's nice to see you like the products from HEMA, i also saw some Etos stuff am i right haha!?

Nanzy said...

Hi Laura

Greetings from Indonesia =) You live in a gorgeous country!!! I'm gonna visit Holland next month btw...

Yeah mom bought stuff from HEMA but I'm planning to go too when I visit Europe so I can search for more stuff hahaha Is Etos famous?

Kim said...


I'm from the Netherlands too! The Etos is a drugstore here and pretty famous! You can find it in almost every town/city. Funny that you are visiting holland next month! Any idea which places you will visit? :D..