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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I love Neutrals, Awards & Babies !

If you noticed I've been doing a lot of FOTD nowadays, well that's because I haven't actually hauled anything =D so I gotta make up with something, right? Here's the one I did yesterday when I was out to drop off my mom to the airport.

I'm keeping the eyes neutral coz there's no need to look bright & intense, besides the older I get the softer I'd prefer my eyes to idk why, it just happened ok? Tho I added a blue liner on my lower lashline to brighten up brown eyes and it worked like a charm for my tired eyes too.

For face, again I'm keeping it simple with my new favorite mineral foundation, Pure Anada in Niagara Fawn shade which offers great coverage, so great I hardly use concealer anymore. A soft bronzer to contour and peach blush were used on cheeks.

EG Minerals Facial Primer Gel
Pure Anada Niagara Fawn Foundation
Thevi Mocha Mineral Powder *to contour*
La Femme Golden Sunset Blush

NYX Nude e/s (all over the lid)
Kat Von D Lucifer e/s (upper lash line)
Rimmel White Eyeliner (waterline)
NYC Blue Eyeliner (lower lash line)
CG Lashblast Mascara

L'oreal HiP Reserved Liquid Lipcolor

So I've been awarded by couple of fellow bloggers but I'm terribly sorry for not reacting to them straightaway. Kia of Yummy411 gave me this award which surprised me coz it should have been the other way around =) I always enjoy reading her reviews & I always thought she's super nice and if you're reading this, Kia....THANKS A LOT !!!! I'm trully honored and humbled to receive this from you.

Ai of daily ramblings of moi also gave me these lovely awards (they're so many haha)

thanks,'s always nice getting these from someone I know as a person because you know it's a genuine appreciation, or at least I hoped so hahahaha (jk). I'm glad you reactivated your beauty blog again, although that means you're getting more broke with new lemmings. I'll always be your greatest enabler.....don't forget that ^^.

Oh when I was at the mall, my mom & I met her friends with her baby and her nephew and they are SUPER CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE. Her son is 5 months old and he's so chubby, I had hard time keeping him in my arms coz he's very heavy. What's funny is that his face expression always looks angry, but he was actually sleepy =P

Look at my mom having hard time holding this little guy.
He's a very friendly & happy baby =D

ahhhhhhh I love babies~


Ai said...

OMG THE BABIES! minta digelundungin bangeeeeet! and waoooooow lotsa awards! lol. YES YOU ARE MY BIGGEST ENABLER! i should sue you hahahaaaaa

My-My said...

you do deserve the awards! ALL OF THEM. we do appreciate you and your blog. :)

wuzzyangel said...

great FOTD! You always give your neutral looks a pop of color that makes it even better! :)

Congrats on all those awards!! :)

ANd dang them babies are huge! LOL! Super cute though!! But I shouldn't talk, cuz the Bamboocha is huge too! LOL!

Jen said...

Nice FOTD. Congrats on the awards! Thanks for posting those adorable chunky babies. They made my heart melt.

Nanzy said...


Hahahahaha deshou??? I wanna bite a piece of their puffy cheeks & legs....

Nanzy said...


thanks so much, love....for coming back & reading my page ^^

Nanzy said...


Hahahah yeah, please do a crosscheck on your Bamboocha!!! LOL she's uber cuteeee I love huge babies And thanks for your kind words

Nanzy said...


Thanks so much, yeah babies always got a soft spot in my heart...they're too adorable.

Askmewhats said...

your nude face doesn't even look nude, you look great! and I love babies too! :)

izumi said...

i adore your fotd! i love keeping it natural :) i finally kept it natural today and loooooved it. i need to do that more often, even though i freaking adore purples. those babies are huuuuuuge! and i love the expression xD hahaha.