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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yay Update !!!

Hello my beautiful people,

I'm neglecting this blog, I apologize for that....but now I'm back to update you with some stuffs happened recently.

I was scheduled to renew my passport so I can apply for Schengen Visa (yes I'm traveling soon but I'm not telling WHERE...........yet. lol) Sadly the day I went to the immigration office, the computer broke down right after I got there =( so my 2 hours waiting went down the drain, sometimes I hate the un-professionalism from the government sector in Indonesia, it seriously frustrates me knowing that some things just never change.

Anyway I came back the next morning and finally got it done. Here are some pics I took with mom in front of the place. It is located in the oldest looking part of Jakarta, some buildings are still very "Dutch", if that makes sense. We call it Batavia.

(I'm rocking my new heels hehe)

I was eager to watch Transformer as I'm a big fan of Optimus Prime. Yup, you heard me right...not Shia Lebeouf, not Megan Fox. Optimus Prime is the shit!!!! The sequel was done extremely well and it's very action packed. I watched it the 2nd day the movie was out with my sister and omagaaaaaaah we were floored! Definitely the best movie of 2009, so if you guys haven't seen it, please do's worth your $10......or in my case, $1.5 mwahahahaha.

Last night I also went to see my big family, as usual we met up for dinner at Super Kitchen (seafood place, good but costly T_T). My nephew & nieces have grown up so fast.

my snarly brother, Danar
(you've seen enough of Amy, haven't ya?^^)

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so.........until next time, have a fantabulous week!!!


wuzzyangel said...

Look at you all purrdy for family dinner! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!! Love the one with you & your bro! Too funny!

What?! $1.50 for movies!! Jeez!! I'm jealous!! I still need to go see it. Soon I hope! And yes Optimus Prime is the SHIT!

My-My said...

Optimus Prime IS the shit. and i love the look! Your so good with neutrals.

Ai said...

give me BUMBLEBEE! LOL akhirnyaaaaa update juga huahauhauhauah.. so when is our play time again???