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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Congrats, Amy!

Yesterday I went to my sister's graduation, baby sister's now officially a college student. That's a scary thought, but I'm excited and ecstatic for her, she's been asking me "Which one is more fun, high school or college???"

I answered "college", it's a no brainer for me but being totally honest with you, I was scared shitless after I finished high school, I had great friends there and it was just too hard for me to move on. The joke's on me because my college time turned out to be the best 4 years in my life, but I guess I wouldn't have known by then.

Anyway, as usual I was asked to do her makeup & hair....and since the graduates were asked to wear Kebaya (Indonesian traditional dress), Amy asked if she could wear her hair up and do a low small bun. Thank god for mom's fake bun (don't ask!) so I only had to tie her hair in a small pony tail and hide it under the bun.

Here's the funny thing, Kebaya that she wore is actually mine and I wore it on my college graduation day which was 2 years ago. So now it's an official graduation kebaya lol

Here are pictures I took,

Amy's got the medal

They are my sister's sidekicks...
you know you have one back in highschool~ hahaha

Her with her bestfriend from grade 7, Aldo.
I kinda wish they were going out lol
he's cute, nice & polite...

With me in the car,

Me & mom,
dunno why she looks ghostly -_-'

EG Minerals Face Primer Gel
Pure Anada Niagara Fawn Mineral Foundation
La Femme Soft Beige Blush
EG Minerals High Definition Powder

NYX Nude (all over lid)
NYX Kiwi (middle lid)
NYX Sahara (highlight)
NYX Rootbeer (crease)
Thevi Onyx Black Eyeliner
CG Lashblast Mascara

L'oreal HiP Reserved Liquid Lipcolor


Mary said...

You have a beautiful family! Congratulations to your was definitely a very time :)

Cee Em Jay said...


Nanzy said...

Hey Mary,

Thanks =D I will pass on your words, and amen to college luv~

Nanzy said...


I will tell her you said so LoL she's gonna start stalking my blog mwahaha Thanks btw.

Catherine said...

Awww, congrats to your little sis! And lovely makeup too =)

Ai said...

ciieeehh ciiieeehh go kekkon omedetou eh! salah.. selamat sudah lulus Amy! terus kapan dong kita maen lagi?

Askmewhats said...

aww you look gorgeous and love your hair :)

wuzzyangel said...

YOu, your sis, & your mom are soo pretty!!! You did great w/ her hair & MU!! :)

And wow she looks soo young!!

**Aly said...

You guys look gorgeous, good luck to your sis in college, I'm looking forward to it too..

LT said...

What a great looking family you have Inan! Congrats to your little sis.

Nanzy said...


Thanks alot, for both! hehe

Nanzy said...


LoL kekkon ma sape? ngidam yaaaa mwahahahahahahah iya nih kapan ya kita maen bersama lagi...finish your goddamn thesis PUHLEEESE...

Nanzy said...


Awww thanks so much, you're the schweetest <3

Nanzy said...

Hi there Wuzzyboozey,

=P thanks a lot, I'll tell her you said so hehe

Nanzy said...

Hi Aly,

Thank is definitely fun, you should be looking forward =) Good luck to you too.

Nanzy said...

LT !!!!!!

thank you, your strawberries make me drools hehehe

yummy411 said...

congrats amy!

you been nominated for an award! check out my blog!

verina oei said...

ayee im so jealous ! everyone wear kebaya to graduation and i have NO idea why my school had us wear our UNIFORM as usual ! i'd have put on best kebaya n best make up !haha
congratz 4 ur sista!

Amy said...

Congrats to Amy!! And myself too (just came back from my own high school graduation a few hours ago!)!! lol
Good luck to the Amys in college! ^_^