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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mobilefun (non makeup related)

Ever since I came back home, I noticed the change from what people carry in their pockets. It used to be Nokias & Sony Ericssons when I was in high school but apparently Blackberry have taken over the whole cell phone market in Indonesia.

I am an I-phone user but I can't deny how tempting it is to have the infamous Blackberry (BB), even my mom asked me if I could purchase the phone from U.S for her, I said it's hard unless she's willing to pay more & get the unlocked phone. When she asked me so, I came across this site called Mobilefun which turned out to be an accessory stores for mobile phones.

According to the German site, they mainly sell Handyzubehör (mobile accessories) by various kind of manufacturers like Apple, Google, Nokia, Samsung, T-mobile, etc. I was eyeing a Handytaschen (mobile accessories) for my I-phone, just to compare with the one they have in Apple store. So far the price was pretty reasonable, if only the site was not a UK based =P shipping must be crazy. My sister was amused by the Nokia Zubehör (Nokia accessories) page which sells so many Nokia phones, from the old ones like Nokia 3510 (the one I used in my Junior High School era mwahahaha) til the newest one.

Honestly I like this site as a reference when I want to buy mobile accessories because they seriously have TONS of choices & items. If you are an Ebay user or live in third world countries (like Indonesia), you should know that buying fake electronic goods aren't fun at all, so next time you see some new & cool devices with only a fraction of the price, I suggest you to do a research before you decide to make a purchase...bookmark this site!


wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for sharing the info!! Hope you're havin a great time w/ your fam!