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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haul of The Day: NYX Round Lipstick (new shades)

I was at Don Quijote again wishing to score some sales when I stumbled on the NYX Round Lipstick. I have so many neutrals & pink shades and still can't get enough of them. I did some reviews and swatches for my collection here, here, here and here.

There is no doubt NYX Round Lipstick is the best you can get for $0.99, they're creamy, pigmented and glide on very smoothly. Today I saw some of the shades that I've never heard/seen before and of course, I just had to snatch some.


Lala is a gorgeous mauve pink that looks so pretty on me
Power is probably my favorite, it's a lavender pink color that doesn't make me look dead, it's a must have! This reminds me of MAC Lavender Whip.
Fig is a gorgeous dolly pink shade, it reminds me of a MAC lipstick but the name escaped me.
Tea is my new HG NUDE !!! Love this shade, it matches my complexion better than Circe. I'm Medium Tan shade so Circe sometimes look too pale if I'm not careful. Tea is just perfect.

Here are some comparison, in case some of you are wondering.

Ahhh I love good find!!!


Catherine said...

Great finds!! I really like the look of Tea and Fig. So pretty.

izumi said...

nice :) must be new shades.. or at least new color names! i find that they're super drying though :\ did you have that issue?

Chrissy said...

I WANT THOSE LIPPIES! Good finds. :D I find I really want to get more NYX stuff. And I always wish they are available here, which of course they are not. Sigh!

Lily said...

yes, that IS a good find!! i'm going to fish around for some nyx lipsticks online. i can never find them in stores or anything :(

Askmewhats said...

You're still lucky for getting them at .99 cents still, as I've seen websites selling them and they're more than a dollar or almost 2 dollars :)

wuzzyangel said...

I was gonna say that Power looked just like Lavendar Whip! BUt you beat me to it! LOL!

Tea also looks just like a MAC HK Fresh Brew dupe!

Great finds Nanzy!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

tea looks awesome!!! i wonder if they have the new lipsticks over here... last time i checked they dont sell the round lipsticks over here >_<

Fifi said...

Ooh Power is one of my favorites as well! :D

I'm so going to get Tea because as you said, sometimes circe is too pale for our medium skin tone.

Great haul!

titty said...

I LOVE Power! (lol) and FIG!

You know I love bubblegum pink! :)

I love you too!

Sofee said...

awwww girly u are just tempting me to buying more NYX!!!! they look awesome on you thanx for the swatches

Nanzy said...

Thanks you guys.......!

Sharon said...

sexy lips you have, i must order lala and tea too!

Sara said...

AH!! I want tea :] ♥