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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Lippies Stash

Someone sent me an email asking if I can show and swatch my Lip stuff collection, I've never got around it until today : ) sorry, Jennah!

I stored all my lipsticks and lipglosses in plastic container I bought from Walmart, I think it costs me around $2.00

My collections is nothing compare to other beauty bloggers, and I don't own any MAC lipsticks/glosses. yet. mwahahah

note: These pics can be enlarged by clicking on them ^_^

The Stash

Lipstick Swatches
Direct Light 1 Direct Light 2
Lipgloss Swatches

My favorite Lipstick: Indian Pink, #401, Tea Rose, Thalia, B52
My favorite Lipgloss: All of um !!! :D

Oh yeah, last night we went to Lili Koi to watch some gig, I was trying a smokey look using my purple pigments and NYX Rea Lipstick, but I wasn't so crazy about the finished look so I didn't take a close-up picture :P
Will try to master it some other time, and post the result when I like how it turns out hehehe
I think I looked rather ghostly... (-_-')


christy. said...

Ooohhh I love all your lipsticks :D Love the purple look you did too. <333

IchigoBunnie said...

ooo all those lippies look sooo pretty! Im really liking Kirkland's Pink Kiss. Where is Kirklands? the only kirklands i know of is the house-decorating store...was that lipgloss

thanks for the swatches! they're realy helpful :3


I like the look you did! Really the key to Rea and Circe is the liner to keep it from looking crazy.

Nanzy said...
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Nanzy said...

Christy thank you :) u shd show yours too!! I demand it hehe

Ichigobunnie, Kirkland Borghese is a Costco brand, i think.. but I have no idea how much these glosses each since they are in the the huge makeup kit/box a friend got me last Xmas. but i saw them on ebay, try search for:

Kirkland Signature™ by Borghese Lip Gloss Trio - Light

:) hth!

Shawnta Hey girl, how r yah? Yeah I agree, Rea is tricky..if I'm not careful I could end up looking like I have been poisoned or smthn LOL