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Thursday, March 12, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Spontaneous

So my previous polish I used (China Glaze Groovy Green) lasts for more than a week, which was pretty surprising considering how mean I normally am with my hands & nails (open a can, wash dishes etc).

Spontaneous is a gorgeous true purple color that has a cream finish, for this look I used base coat and 2 coats of the polish, just enough to make it very opaque. My 1st coat was already opaque but I made a boo boo on my ring finger so I needed another layer to cover it HA HA, naughty naughty!

I am still wanting to get OPI Done Out In Deco because it's a paler purple but I like Spontaneous very much, the consistency is very thick and it glides so easily, no streaking for me =)

(taken with different lighting)



Askmewhats said...

Would you believe I don't own a single OPI ??? And I am loving all these! the color is so pretty

Neeyuh said...

That is a gorgeous purple the exact kind I've been wanting, I'm totally gonna look for it now! Ohh and you have such nice nails! =)

Nanzy said...

Hi Nikki!

Hahahaha me too !!!! I didnt own any OPI when I was home lol coz I could get others with similar quality & cheaper price hehehe
and thanks!

Nanzy said...

Hey Neeyuh!

=) How you been? awww thanks for the lovely comment, the color is gorgeous, ya?

wuzzyangel said...

You really got me likin these "cream" finish ones girl! I've never really been a sparkly person for my own nails, but seriously, you make these matte ones look elegant and gorgeous!! :)

Nanzy said...

awww thanks =D hahah they're fun to look at jelly ^_^ hehe go get um!

shexilicious said...

*runs to Sally's*


nytaff_ said...


I usually drop by without commenting. but today i had to.. just because i'm loving your nail color SOOOOO much!

absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Nanzy said...

Hey Shexilicious,
hahaha yeah it's definitely purrdie =D

Nanzy said...

Nytaff =)

Awww thanks for finally saying hello! hehe yes it is so gorgeous isnt it???

Sanna said...

That looks great on U:)

Anonymous said...

CAN U PLZZZZ do a tutorial on how to make ur nail polish so clean on the edges??? everytime i do my nails, they get to my cuticles, on the side, just a complete mess :(