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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Step Aside, LUSH....Here Comes SKINDECENT

Is it Strawberry Sorbet? Is it Raspberry Ice Cream? It's SKINDECENT Body Buffer Scrub !!!!

I feel like I need to do this rave post because I have yet to be disappointed by company. This would be my 2nd order but it's probably the e-tailer that you will always like everything you get on your haul. Anyone who loves ordering bath & body products online must know it's TRICKY to choose what scents because of course, we don't have Smell-o-vision YET.

Now, SKINDECENT or SDE is a Canadian-based company, the owner Marliss has 10 hands. Nah, not really, but she works super fast...her turn around time is always under 5 days, I've gotten mine in 2-3 days from I ordered to when they were shipped so no 3 months waiting drama like some e-tailer *cough cough*

Her products are freshly made, and she doesn't use weird smelling base which most of the times, flunk e-tailers to be a HG material. All the products are wonderful but SDE has gotten many raves on their Dry Oil Spray, Eau de Parfum, Body Buffer (scrub), Hair Conditioner, Dream Cloud Body Mousse, Manicure in a Minute, Bath Bombs, Elixir (moisturizer) and Peppermint Rescue (for massage).

Another thing I like about SDE other than wonderful products, wonderful customer service and wonderful scent selections, is the presentation. I never sweat it but I know many ladies out there choose not to order from e-tailer because they don't look good. I think it's kinda shallow *yes, hate me for this* but for me it doesn't matter if the label is too plain or no fancy jar as long as it's clean and the product is good.

So here are some porn for you,

The 'Lovely' Presentation

(she even prints everyone's name on the card & wrap everything in sealed bag)

My order(s)

The freebies

Product Review
  • Dry Oil Spray: I love this, very moisturizing & absorb quickly on skin so it doesn't feel greasy.
  • Eau de Parfum: Very long lasting and strongly scented. I only order the purse pack and they last because it only take one spritz each application.
  • Moisturizing Body Spray: Oh I loooove this, you can use it for hair & room spray too, very highly scented, not as long lasting as EDP.
  • Dream Cloud Body Mousse: SUPER moisturizing and no weird base smell, I can see why it's popular.
  • Soft as Silk Hand & Body Lotion: How I love this thing, I ordered the small travel size on their Clearance section and it keeps my hand from dryness during winter.
  • Scented Body Powder: This is slightly 'less' scented but I adore how soft my skin after I put this on, I have the one in Eggnog Cupcakes and it's so yummy as powder.
  • Body Buffer Scrub: L.O.V.E.! Those of you who look for similar texture with Isle of Eden scrub, here's one you need, it's nicely moisturizing too (pic above)
  • Peppermint Rescue: I just tried this and it made my headache go away, so it does what it promised!
  • Fragrance Oil: Got these on freebies and I can make my own spray with them because they're very rich & strong.
Scent Review
  • Cake Batter: very light yellow cake batter scent
  • Celebration: the truest fluffy white frosting with white cake, frosting is heavier, great for layering, this is my fav !!!
  • Crisp Sugar Waffer: YUM, crispy vanilla waffers.
  • Eggnog Cupcakes: this is my fav holiday scent, buttery cream cupcakes with spice
  • Fresh Vanilla: very pure vanilla, just what I hoped for
  • Fresh Waffle Cone: lived up to the rave, a great warm & fresh waffle scent
  • First Kiss: mix of fruit & floral scent, on me smells like body wash, nothing special but still smells great & fun
  • Frosted Carrot Cake: surprisingly spicy, but very true to it's name...warm & yummy
  • Fruity Marshmallow: fruity, sweet, and sugary..not too crazy abt this but it's popular
  • Lemon Marshmallow Cake: i love this blend, creamy vanilla mixed with lemon pound cake
  • Licking the Beaters: a strong vanilla with *surprisingly* floraly-fruity background, I like this
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: ohhh this one is YUMMO. lovely warm cookies with spices & raisins, very realistic
  • Pink Ambrosia: creamy blend of vanilla, marshmallow and coconut milk...I let it cured for couple of weeks and it smelled better!
  • Pink Caramels: mix of Pink Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel, super yummy especially in scrub
  • Pink Carnation: a strong floral 'carnation' scent with a spice note, somewhat reminds me of a chinese balm, not really a fan
  • Pink Vanilla Tiger: a perfume-y floral note, I like this, it's complex & pretty
  • Purple Cotton Candy: this scent is sweet & fun, fluffy cotton candy mixed with grape
  • Sweet Tooth: sweet marshmallow with cotton candy & toasted marshmallow, only for sweet tooth !! : )
  • Tihota (dupe): a very sexy vanilla, mix between warm vanilla & musk
  • Tropical Salsa: this one is a tropical & fruity scent mix with pink sugar, awesome!


Shen said...

hei!! love the hauling!! :) i'm so jealous. my CC is all maxed out! hei i'm holding a contest on my blog, care to join, nanz?

wuzzyangel said...

It does look like sorbet!! Wow that is great shipping time for Hawaii! Hrm.. Why you gotta be showin me this, when I'm trying to not spend money! LOL!!

All those scents sound YUMMO!! I'm a big fan of sweet bakery scents!! Oooohh......

Nanzy said...

Hey Shen,

I just did!!! heheheh *fingers crossed*

Nanzy said...

Hi Wuzzy,

hahaha the TAT is really quick, shipping also not bad from Canada To HI...took within a week if using Airmail =) hehehe if you like bakery scent, you NEED Skindecent, their bakery scents are awesome...Celebration is great & yummy.

Amy said...

Wow, fantastic haul! ;D The scrub looks amazing!
I've been wanting to try SDE, but I always hesistate because of the shipping cost. Next time they have a shipping sale, I'm in! LOL!