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Saturday, March 14, 2009

FOTD: Naughty Neutral with a KICK

Finally, an FOTD !!! hahaha pardon my lacking of face shot pics, I have been into non-makeup related stuffs lately but I would like to take this opportunity to do a quick review of EG Minerals items I purchased recently.

First of, the foundation. I 'think' I found my shade, it's Lollie..a Cover Me formula that suits my skin with a lot of imperfection to cover, I believe it's from the Yellow family.
"Lollie is a medium tan foundation for women with tanned complexions and distinctive yellow tones. Ideal for women who have worn Med. Tan in other foundation lines but needed more yellow or warmth for an ideal match."

On me it has the perfect amount of yellowness and it does a good job covering a red areas I have pasca breakouts. The closest one would be Jocelyn & Janelle (both from Youthful Glow formula).

I also tried the their Cream Eyeshadow in Winter, to give you an idea of the consistency, this cream feels like a cream base, as creamy as UDPP if you depot them and not as hard as MAC Paint Pots.

What's interesting about it is that once applied and rubbed around, it'll dry to a silky finish eye-shadow texture, the color still came through but perhaps not as opaque as it was before being spread around. Winter is a frosty white so after application it leaves a white sheen on lids.

I once read you can wear this as an eyeshadow alone but I'd prefer this as a base. Ever since NYX JEP creases on me, I really wanted to find a good cream base of my oily lids.

Now to be fair, I did wear this WITHOUT base, no UDPP/L'oreal De-crease/TFSI. And I'm happy to say it doesn't crease on me! It also does make the color pop, and a great staying power too.

I created this EOTD when my I was in neutral color kick, but I did add a jade green shadow to make it a little bit more interesting. I used Kitten eyeshadow from Stila, honestly I think it's way too shimmery for my likings but the pigmentation in gorgeous. I added Maybelline Safari Safari on my outer V and lower lash line and finish with NYX Root Beer (which has a slight green sheen finish) to deepen the crease. I quite like the effect, hope you like it too!

Kitten - Stila
Safari Safari - Maybelline
Root Beer - NYX
Mink Brown - NYX

Gel Primer - EG Minerals
Lollie CM Foundation - EG Minerals
Intensive Tan Concealer - EDM
High Definition Powder - EG Minerals
Carmindy Blush - EG Minerals

EG Minerals Park Ave l/g
NYX Apricot l/g


izumi said...

i looove this look! i wish i had double lids, seems like make up seems so much prettier :) haha, but that's just IMO. i also had a quick question- are those cream shadows also by "cover me"?

Nanzy said...

hi izumi,

i think you misread my post LOL it's from EG Minerals, and yes they are from the same company =D thanks again!!! hehe

Askmewhats said...

you are getting prettier and prettier!

Frond said...

you are making me want to try the EGM cream shadows... eeep...

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

LOL yes im stalking you too :P

wow 45k! I could get that sort of accomodation here, maybe... if I lived in Kanagawa or Chiba but commuting could have cost more I guess! Also, it'll probably be wooden made, my bf told me not get any wooden made apartment because it would be dangerous if an earthquake was to hit LOL. I guess he was concerned! finally found an apartment for like 90k, still expensive but commuting to work is really short and easy access. I could walk if I like apparently!!

awww i'll def think of your when i do any cosmetic hall! but i have cut down dramatically because I'd rather use my money other things as well. I really want to see Japan more!!

Btw this look is absolutely gorgeous. You should serious do more face-pics!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Very pretty girl!! Hmm... better as a base huh? Do they offer samples? Oh well... Great neutral look!! :D

nikkiz. said...

Tagged you! My turn :-)