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Sunday, March 15, 2009

96 Professional Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, I'm doing this "revisited" post about an eyeshadow palette that I own and love so much. I received this palette on July last year and I am confident to say that this is such an awesome deal for those of you who just started your makeup collection, love bright colors, and on a budget.

This palette can be found on Ebay and Starsmakeuphaven, I noticed Starsmakeuphaven just started carrying them recently because it's popular but I got mine from Ebay (I know some of you don't trust Ebay, but so far I haven't got any bad experience buying anything from Ebay, including this palette) ^^

I have seen the infamous 88 Colors Palette and even the whooping 120 one, I honesty can not compare because I don't own them, but based on the reviews on Youtube & other blogs, the one that I have is actually better (in terms of pigmentation/color choices/texture)

So this palette is a 96 Color Professional Eyeshadow Palette, I bought it from Ebay seller named kayline_ny. The seller is from HongKong (again, I know the issue about HK or China seller...) but she is very trustworthy and I've experienced only good things. Don't quote me on this, because I know things can go wrong during transit etc etc but this seller will not run away with your money, that's what I wanted to clarify.

She shipped only once a week (every Tuesday, Hong Kong time) and it arrived after 5 days, which is pretty good for International shipping. Packaging also great, no broken shadow, no molds, no complaints.

Ebay sells this palette for $23 (including shipping)
Starsmakeuphaven sells for $24.95 (without shipping) --> but I just checked the site today and they don't have it at the moment..

Here are some pictures of the palette, it has some shimmers & matte pigmentation, for detail you can click on each pictures.

A quick swatch, no base
(they're blendable and shows up on my medium tone skin)

Some looks I've done using this palette

I love this palette, I hope you find this post helpful if you're still in search for a nice palette with not-so-killer price tag.




izumi said...

all the looks you made w/ it look great! i might get one in about 2 years when i have to throw away my eyeshadows.. and hopefully it'll be cheaper then too :D if not, oh well! it looks like a great buy :) thanks for sharing!

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for sharing this Nanzy!! And I love all the looks you did, but.... the orange/brown & pink ones are my faves!! :)

Amy said...

Arghhh I am lemming this palette so badly!! But I hate that you can only use Paypal to pay for eBay stuff >__<;

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Beautiful eyeshadow looks! I will have to check your blog out daily now, so I can be in the know! Awesome!