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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drugstore Love !

I found this pretty polish at Walmart, Pure Ice in Taupe Drawer, a gorgeous purplish taupe that glides like no one's's so pigmented & I only used 2 coats.

Rimmel also has awesome line of nail polish, I snatched one of them in Climax, a duochrome lavender color. I adore this and it dries so fast.

I also saw these Spark It Up! Gleaming Eye Darkening Liner on Rimmel darker section -the abandoned ones-. They looked sad & untouched but my curiosity made me try it out......and WOAH, great great great pigmentation! I'm not sure if they're new (I doubt it) but I already read some great reviews on Makeupalley.
(click to enlarge)
they're around $5 a pop =) my favorite is Black Gold, I tried it on my lower lash line and it's so gorgeous...the color is even prettier in real life ~ These liners kinda reminds me of UD 24/7...or MUFE. Well...maybe not as long lasting but it didn't smear when I wore them for hours.


Askmewhats said...

I super love the polish color!

Thanks by the way dear for the comment ...I appreciate it!

Nanzy said...

hamburgers!!! you're quick! hahah yeah it's purrty I love it..=)

wuzzyangel said...

Hey Nanzy!

I just wanted to say thanks again for taking part in me SALE/SWAP!! Your stuff will be out to you on Tues!!

Those Rimmel liners look gorgeous!! I've never seen them before! But then again, maybe I'm not looking good enough!! LOL!!


Nanzy said...

Hey again : )
no problem..I was looking for an empty palettes anyway hehe will be anxiously waiting~ yeah the liners are surprisingly pigmented...thanks for stopping by!

My-My said...

oh my! I'm one of those poor souls who turned away and never gave love to Rimmel London. lol.

but man, those E/L are gorgeous. I think I shall start "noticing" Rimmel now. I'm really lemming over the Black Gold and Ultraviolet.

Now to just wait for their BOGO deals. I want all of it. look what you've done. ;P

Nanzy said...

Hey My-My,

hahahaha Don't worry, what's important is now you pay them some attention LOL and I am very impressed with those colors as well, very pretty & 'blackened'. =) Black Gold is my fav !