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Saturday, February 14, 2009

EG Minerals Haul (Picture Heavy)

When I was doing neck swatches, I realized that my EG Minerals foundation shade is slightly off, I reckon it was because my face has become redder and more sensitive, so I had to find a new shade. And as a January Beauty of the Month, EG Minerals sent me couple of things along with my last order (THANKS, DIANE !!) and they're finally here !!!!!

Diane told me they were very busy last month so my order was hold off for a while, but I am just glad they are here, safe & sound.

Are you ready for picture galore? Here we go.

Total Damage

I sampled both Cover Me & Youtful Glow formula

High Definition Powder
(love this stuff, makes my face look poreless)

Eye Shadows

Cream Eye Shadows
(so excited about this one)

Lip Glosses

Swatch *natural light*

with flash

The Lip Gloss Wand caught my attention because of the thin wand and pointy brush.

Melon Lip Gloss Wand
(the only one with intense sparkle)

I tried the Lip Squeezies and OH MY GOD, they're uber pigmented.
I just squeezed it out one dot on my hand and spread it around, and look how intense and gorgeous they are..

I am very much loving these cute tubes, and would recommend it to everyone.

I will do more depth reviews on every items but right now I'm just gonna indulge myself in a tooth-aching goodness.

the strawberry pink gargantuan

one pinch to sugary utopia

my sexy cotton candy face LMAO

Yumm-O !

HAHA hope you guys had a lovely dovey Valentine's Day !!!!! Eat as much chocolate as you can while we have a good reason to do so...mwahaha

*I'm sugar-overdosed right now* Hi5 Emoticon




myystiqueen said...

hmm... gotta try the HI DEF powder soon....

thanks for the rec, inan...

LadyBird said...

I am so jealous :D im loving the haulage. I cant wait to order, I made a master list of everything that I like so im going to work off of that, it should take me a while to amass the whole collection.. :)

Nanzy said...

Dea :)
I think you'll like it!

Nanzy said...

LadyBird :)
EG Minerals products are great, lippies, eye shadows, primer, foundation, finishing silk, and blushes are awesome! lol I always make big ghost cart and scared to push "order" button haha

Cheryl Anne said...

Hi! Just wondering which of the EG foundie shades suited you! I looking into which shade suits me best, in particular your shades of Janelle and Lollie and Jocelyn.

FOTD? or a swatch of them?

Thanks for a great blog!

Nanzy said...

Hi Cheryl Anne,

Thanks for stopping shade is actually Lollie at the moment but honestly I haven't tried the others. I do have an FOTD which I will be posting soon, so stay tune! =)

Cheryl Anne said...

Thanks for the reply...I'm maybe a combo of Soon and Lollie according to Kim at EG. I was debating on buying Helena (in the olive family but has golden in it)

I'll look for your FOTD soon! :)

Nanzy said...

Hey you're online!!! hehehe
I'll say try around, the picture sometime is deceiving...I've gone thru trial/error too haha.

will post the FOTD soom =)