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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

some people are just toxic.

I posted on Makeupalley Bath & Body board about the Free Cosmetic news, how happy I was when I saw they actually did, and what I got?

  • isn't that taking advantage of the situation?
  • what you did is no better than what a shoplifter does
  • being dishonest makes you happy?
  • stealing makes you feel better?

Some went on about how she thinks this is a lawsuit abuse,

"There really are not litigants in this purchase necessary means that people in the US get $20-25 worth of product so a few lawyers can get a few thousand bucks. The lawyers claim that the "lawsuit" is filed because these cosmetic companies kept prices too high. What do you see wrong with this??? They made money so that every American can walk into a department store and get $25 in free merchandise..."


It's either she knows something I don't, or she just made things up (which is most likely what happened).

Here's what I think.

GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE ! Lawyers make money no matter what, either you take the freakin' Shower Gels or not. And why would they get enraged if billion dollar companies gave million dollars to another million dollar companies?

And some girls went "It is WRONG!", well...who the hell are you to tell me it's wrong? I have the same right as everyone in the U.S to walk into Macy's and get free stuffs.

"Why you got more than 1 stuff, you're not supposed to!" Aaron got himself a shower gel at Macy's and he got me a perfume at Neiman Marcus, is that wrong? And I did not go back in line to get more, I am better than that. Even if people do, why the fuck do you care?

Did I cross your little moral ground check if I got 2 stuffs instead of 1?

And how in the hell I'm stealing, again? Did they miss the FREE word on FREE COSMETIC?

I don't know why I let some bored negative resentful women sitting around their computers get me, maybe because I know I didn't do anything wrong and they kept stating I was.

I never grew a mean bone, I never bash people and stupidly I expected the same from them. Today I learned my lesson. People are mean and toxic. Toxic people are riddled with their own insecurities, generally bored with life, have much repressed anger and wallow in their own unhappiness.

Why can't they just say "Good for you"? Obviously some people just simply can't see others happy. I am very sad to say this but I never meant to boast. It's not like I have a lot of money, buy fragrances every day and show them off. I got them for free, for god's sake. And yet now I'm a thief according to them. I just wanted to share a good news in case they missed it.

But some people don't deserve it. Some even don't deserve help.

I guessed, welcome to the real world for me. I thought women who loves makeup & good smelling stuffs are supposed to be happy, supportive and have some class. I guess I was wrong.

I cried last night, mostly because I was bewildered. But I came into a conclusion, those women don't deserve my tears and I'm so done with that stupid board.

p.s.// I am so mad so I apologize for the cursing, abusing, and negative vibe.
Hope I don't soak your happiness.


Nikita2471 said...

Never let people like that get to you to where you cry! Seriously! Cause when you do, they have done what they set out to do. You have to ignore trolls like her.

The whole point to that lawsuit, like you said, was that the companies did some price fixing and got caught. So, they had to pay by giving away their products for free. It didn't matter if you had bought or not during that time.

Anyone that accused you taking advantage, stealing or being dishonest definitely needs to leave their petty personal attacks off of a forum!

Hell, I got stuff yesterday when I went to Macys/Dillards and so did a crapload of other people who had no idea what the lawsuit was about. They just saw a line of people for something and queued right up.

Nanzy said...

Hi Nikita,

Thanks so much for your comment : ) I agreed with everything you said, that's why I didn't get it why was I the bad person for getting free stuff? Some people called their family & friends after they knew what was going on and I didn't judge them, that's their right to do so.

What did you get btw? =) how was the line at your place?

Nikita2471 said...

I could have driven to the other malls to get stuff but I was just too lazy to deal with traffic! LOL! Lines, I can handle but not traffic!

I got the Clinique Moisture Surge and that Lancome Sunscreen. I gave the sunscreen to my parents as they garden in the backyard all summer long every year. While they wear hats, they should wear a sunscreen. I figure an expensive sunscreen would get them into the right frame of mind ("Oh, it's expensive...we should use it!")

The line wasn't bad here at all! The longest I waited was 5 minutes.

One of my best friends in San Francisco was able to go to 5 of the stores on the list. They are in Union Square within a 3-4 block radius so she was able to totally score on a lot of products. In fact, she went back twice because they had soooo much stuff and the employees told her they didn't care if people kept coming back. They needed to get rid of all the stuff that day.

I don't see anything wrong with what she did as half the stuff she got, she's giving to her friends that couldn't go cuz they had to be at work. She was lucky to be off that day.

Nanzy said...

I cracked up so loud on this ("Oh, it's expensive...we should use it!")

hahahahahaah but true mom's like that too haha When I was at Macy's there were barely any line, I just walked in, sign a paper and got the freebies. but within an hour the line looked like Disneyland's on summer. People love free stuff, what can you do right?

thanks for your positivity, I really need it as I'm still 30% pissed by now lol Do you have any blog/site I could link to?

Nikita2471 said...

I've been a forum mod for years so I had to develop a thick skin to people that would personally attack me over stuff (especially when they broke the rules, heh!)

Yeah, there are a lot of hypocritical people online and you can bet those that accused you have probably taken advantaged of others situations in their lifetime. Just always remember that they don't know you/you don't know them so their opinion really shouldn't matter. It's what your real friends/family think that matters. This is online, after all!

Yeah, when I gave my parents the sunscreen, they were all "meh" till I said it's like a $30 sunscreen! Then they were all "Oooohhhh!" I've been trying to get them to wear sunscreen in the summer but the excuses I get are "I'm not a child" to "I don't like the smell/texture/brand/whatever". You'd think I was dealing with kids, rather than senior citizens!

My beauty blog is ! Thanks for the link!

Nanzy said...

True, I needed to grow some cold heart for internet.

My bf is a gamer and their world is full of mean words & bashing, when he knew I cried over this kinda stuff he just said "Internet is full of bored people wanting to pick up a fight because they're usually cowards in real life. Too bad it's been all butterflies & rainbows for you, but you need to know, this is reality"

and lol at parents, I could never get my mom to wear a blush although she looks better with it, she said it's 'too much steps' LOL

Thank you again for your support & advice. I will definitely link yours.

Askmewhats said...

Hugs Nanzy, I am sorry, I can feel the happiness when you got those stuffs and I was applauding for you because as a consumer for all these years, you do deserve it and I have seen the cosmetic settlement in a lot of blogs and it is not stealing as it does state FREE..and it's not like you lined again and again to get like 100 stuffs and sell it online! So people are just jealous that you got what you deserve and they can't help but bash about your good fortune, so :) ....let them be... don't be sad or don't worry about them!

Miss Fifi said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. They don't deserve your tears at all. I think they're just jealous because they didn't get the chance to own some free cosmetic.

I'm so agree with your bf. They must be cowards in real life so they decided to let it all out in the internet.

Senyum, Nanzy!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

that shocking! cant believe she upset you that much, i hope you're feeling better... dont let her get to you, some people have nothing to do in their life, and obviously the jealousy got to that girl. i would totally gone for those freebie, ignore that bitch!!

you grabbed yourself some wonderful freebies!!

Iyah said...

OMG! tell that girl to STFU and mind her own business. Its free stuff and she's stupid if she did follow the 1 per person rule. haha! coz I went back and no one can tell me that's wrong.

That bitch is just jealous! So I suggest get more stuff this week and post them up again with a caption "keep drooling!" :p

Nanzy said...


Thanks, honey. I did feel they were out of line. What made me chuckle is another girl who was more 'famous' on the blog posted about the news & tell everyone to get the free stuff if they haven't .. and everyone said "thank you".

Nanzy said...


thanks!! i'll try to senyum hahaha

Nanzy said...

Nic Nic,

Thank you..but they're more than 1 person saying those mean stuffs, I couldn't believe myself they would say such thing, they're definitely U.S Residence and it's not like they don't have access.

Anyway thx for your support, hon!

Nanzy said...


Exactly..why would you pass judgment on people getting free stuffs, some didn't even understand what was going on, they saw FREE STUFF and just got in the line. No one bothers, not even Macy's people.

Thanks for your kind words, I really wanted to tell those mean & resentful ladies to STFU but I don't even think they deserve my energy anymore.

=) I'm gonna link your blog to mine, is that ok?

LadyBird said...

actually, you were entitled to more than one free cosmetic( from different companies) if you had actually purchased anything and seeing has most people within the last year have bought something from the major department stores i would say that your good. I think people were just upset because they didnt get anything.

Lily said...

oh to hell with those people. they're probably just bitter because they couldn't get free stuff. free stuff is exactly what it is.. FREE! besides, you're not the only one who thought about going to more than one store. everyone does! free stuff is contagious lol. so don't worry about what ignorant people say :)

abby =) said...

people are idiots. lol i wouldve gotten in line for the cosmetics but it was too long. a bunch of people got a ton of stuff and its great. to be honest these companies don't go on sale. have you ever heard of estee lauder having a 50% off sale their products? if anything the department store gives teh discounts out and its not even a lot. so love your free stuff :)

Vivian said...

OMG, I finally foudn your post, BUT nm?? Why did somebody delete that. And really, I don't live in US, so I'm jealous you guys can get free stuff. Beside, this thing doesn't say "Limited quantity to one customer ONLY". I don't see how people start bashing you So harshly. One user, she wasn't too bad. But these other two?? Ho, they're fierce. Sometimes when they have samples out front, I'd like to take two if they're available.. A lot of times I bought a lot of cosmetics, and I NEVER asked for sample... they're just taking it out on ya.. Be strong and don't let them take you down.

Nanzy said...

Hi Vivian,

Thanks for leaving comment! =)
Yeah those bored housewives were horrid, the 'nm' means no message, I changed that because I was just so sick with them at that time...I didn't bash them or anything but they were really attacking.

*sigh* anyway I'm past that so whatever they said I don't care, if they're too 'good' to get free stuff then I say screw you, it's your loss. LOL

Thanks, Vivian! btw do you have MUA account?

Vivian said...

Hi, Nanzy. yeah, i do have account at MUA but I don't go on there often now... There're nice ones there, but I just don't like feel like it. I like browsing bloggers! Seriously, who knows if those two ever did something dishonest in their lives! They ditched their manners and said nasty things to you. Good for you that you didn't retaliate; you should be proud of yourself!

I saw your profile at EGMinerals and followed you here.. BTW, do you know how much is 1/8 tsp? I figured the minerals weigh about 2 grams? confused about it :)

Nanzy said...


hahahah yeah that's me on EG Minerals lol when I just read that nasty comment I was almost fall into those hatred group & retaliate but then my bf reminded me "No good things come out of that, they'd just think you're a bitch....just like them" so I didn't =)

I know 4 gram is 1 teaspoon, so 1/8 tsp would be 0.5 gram? lol i hope my math's not sucky..

btw thanks for stopping by my blog & such...and for your kind support ^_^