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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Got My Free Stuffs...Did'cha?

I spent my morning & afternoon watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama, liked his speech and I honestly think him & Michelle Obama have great sense of style =) She claimed she shops at GAP for her dresses & her family outfits, but it's how you carry those outfit is what matters.

Anyway, last week I read in the news that today (January 20th) is a day of Cosmetic Settlement where various companies give away $175 million of products worth, for detail information, read here.

They give away specific lists of products in some Department Stores such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Dillards, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.

But knowing Hawaii sometimes doesn't participate in those kind of thing, I wasn't too thrilled but indeed curious, so around 3 PM I dragged Aaron to Ala Moana Shopping Mall to check it out.

I visited Macy's at first, and Lo & Behold, THEY DO GIVE AWAY FREE STUFFS !!!

I was like a girl in Candy Land, they said you need to be a U.S Residents, and have purchased something from listed companies from May 29, 1994 and July 16, 2003. BUT, who the heck would keep their receipt that long (well...some may do) but Macy's didn't ask for any proof. We just got to get in line, sign a paper, choose your product, and walk away.

The list of products they offer can be found here.

Here's what we got from Macy's

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Shower Gel 6.7 oz ($28)
Notes: Fresh Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosewood, Lavender, Apple Martini, Patchouli, Paper Whites, Orchid, Cedar, White Amber, Musk Woods

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani Shower Gel 6.7 oz ($29) --> Aaron's
Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Aromatic Mediterranean notes, Guaiac Wood, Tonka Bean

I was 50-50 between SJP Lovely Shower Gel or Vera Wang Princess Body Polish, but I decided on Lovely just because I was sure I like the scent, I have a roll on from Lure Beauty & it smells awesome. Aaron really likes his Armani Code shower gel, and he's a bit picky for scents so this one's must be good as well =)

Then, when we walked back to our car, we passed by Neiman Marcus, so I was like, Hey...let's see if they have something too, and guess what, they did. They had a longer line tho, so we waited for maybe 3-5 minutes and got these,

My Insolence by Guerlain EDT 0.5 oz ($25)
Notes: Raspberry, Jasmine, Almond Blossom, Vanilla, Patchouli, Tonka Bean.

J'adore by Christian Dior EDP 1 oz ($50)
Notes: Mandarin, Champaca Flowers, Ivy, African Orchid, Rose, Violet, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.

So basically today I walked home with $132 worth of products, FOR FREE !
Even Aaron curiously asked, Why would they do that? LOL

To end this post, here's a famous quote by the late President Kennedy during his Inauguration Speech in 1961, from the back of my Iced Caramel Macchiato:

*hopefully we will see Barack Obama's sometime later*


Askmewhats said...

wow you girl are so lucky! Never in the history of our country will this kind of event would happen! :) I'm glad you got the J'adore! I love it!

Ai said...

132???!!! O_O you ARE indeed LUCKY!!! enak2 ga bi?

Karley said...

Would you believe I couldn't go? The kids and I have been sick and I couldn't go to this day I marked in red on my calendar...I was SO looking forward to some freebies :)

You had a great haul!

Natalie said...

Hi! I just have a little question: can you get more than one item from one store?

Nanzy said...


If you read my post I mentioned I happened to be there with my boyfriend, he got himself something at Macy's and he got myself something else from Neiman Marcus.

And no, I did not go back in the line to get more free stuffs.