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Friday, December 5, 2008

Tutorial: Smokey Purple with KATE Palette

This would be a picture tutorial to create a smokey purple look using 1 palette. The palette that I'm using is a KATE Spicy Line from Kanebo. I bought this great palette when I was in Japan and I hardly used it back then, but now I'm totally liking it a lot because it's so convenient. I can use it in day time and vamp it up for the evening if I want it. The Palette consists of 4 colors, a Silver, Pearly White, Lavender (with green specks, really pretty) and Dark Purple. The big triangles are supposedly the 'shadow' and the rest are 'line shadow'.

That's what I like about Japanese makeup (or even the magazine), they're very clear on the instructions ^_^

KATE Line Spicy PU-2, I believe you can find it on Ebay too (click here)

What I'm using for overal look

Start with clean & primed eyes, I primed mine with L'oreal De-crease

Apply the color base, NYX Purple JEP, and spread it out with small taklon brush

Should look like this

(doesn't have to be perfect, the reason I used brush to spread out the cream is to prevent creasing as my lid is oily and the NYX Eye Pencil is very creamy)

Take the big brush and apply the light Lavender color to your lid

This is what you should have

Take a round crease brush to apply the dark Purple, and apply on your outer lid

Take some more e/s and apply to your crease as well, make sure you apply lightly and it's better to build up. After that, take the brush you used for lid color, and apply the Lavender color to inner part of crease area.

You'd have this

Then, take the big fluffy brush, apply the pearl White color to your brow bone as a highlighter

Then blend blend blend down to the crease color to get rid of the harsh line

Lastly, take the small pointy brush and apply the Silver color to your lower lash line

Connect the Silver with dark Purple on the outer part, and you're done :D

Don't forget to curl lashes, apply black eyeliner to your upper & lower lash line.
(L'oreal HiP Black Creme Liner & Thevi Onyx Pencil Eyeliner). I used Thevi Mascara as well.

Thanks for reading!
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