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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Great Mail Day

On my last Earthen Treasure order, my package was switched with someone else and I had to return the one that I received & wait for another week to get mine : ( I like the company but somewhat I still don't get it how such thing could happen, and it's not just me....the MUA forum said there are at least 3 or 4 cases similar to mine.

Anywhoo, I was given $5 gift certificate (yeah, not much but better than nothing) so I used it up to buy 2 Purse Size Moisturizing Body Mist in Vanilla Abricot & Pure Grace dupe.

I have to stress, guys..if you ever buy from Earthen Treasure, get their dupes....they KICK ASS. I swear they smell just like the original, no weird note whatsoever. It's amazing.

the purple pot is a freebies which is Solid Perfume of Burberry The Beat and it smells OH my LORD so good!

Yesterday my lovely Cozy Moment's package got here as well, I was so excited to try out Michelle's scrubs and the one that I bought is Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs in Pink Lime Sugar.

Yup, can't get enough of that scent, it's my favorite at the moment. I am not a fan of citrus and I've noticed the one that always turned me off is when citrus is mixed with cake scent, vanilla, or gourmet's always smells medicine-y to my nose. But not Pink Lime Sugar! I looooooooooooooove Pink Sugar blend (although not to keen of the original Aquolina Pink Sugar) and I think this one is certainly up there on top of the list. I can't wait to try other Pink Sugar blends : )

The consistency is creamier than any sugar scrubs I've ever tried, but I love it, the grain isn't big so it's perfect for those of you who doesn't want scrubby scrub :D I used it last night, smells amaaaaazing, the scent lingers, made my bathroom smells like it ^_^ and it's really moisturizing, perfect for winter.

Michelle sent me freebies, Whipped Body Frosting sample pot of Inner Grace dupe *which I requested* and it smells really fresh and calming.

I love everything~


Devi said...

I can never understand why you're so into scrub, LOL. Do you scrub every single day?

Nanzy said...

coz I like to smell good :)
and no I don't scrub everyday, you're not supposed to, so I do it every single day.