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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sephora Haul & RAOK

I love Free Shipping, ever since gas price increased I have been really enjoying shopping online. It's hassle free, no long line in cashier, no need to get ready & dress up (ok I already sounded like a lazy 350 pounds guy whose ass is planted on his game chair, so I'll stop now) but you get the idea...

And Free Shipping is what sweetens the deal of Online Shopping :D

So, I did cave in when Sephora sent me gift certificate of $15 and with another code I was able to get Free Shipping on $25 purchase. FYI they are having Free Shipping offer now thru Monday with code SHOPNOW.

What I bought was Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17) and Korres Lip Butter in Quince ($9), with the code & free shipping, I only paid $12 shipped. Can you believe it? It's like more than 50% off~

2 days ago the package came, I asked for a gift box Sephora offered for free, it's a sleek black box with magnetic opening, I think it's pretty cool........or it's just me being a dork, easily amused mwahahah

I did some swatch when I was in Sephora, but bare my blurry I-phone photo as the lighting sucks & I was rushing, I felt like a pervert taking pictures in Sephora LOL Idk why.......
I have been wearing Quince for couple of days now, and now I have 1 or 2 words to say.

Love the texture & shade, it's a gorgeous soft pink on my lips. I also like the light feeling I've got from the balm. It's not waxy or heavy at all. Other thing I like is the SMELL, exactly like rose petal. Not cloying or fake plastic smell, it's actually very soft and pretty.. just like flowers hehe. But the most important thing is, it does give my lips a natural and nice rosy tint even after the shine goes away, looks like I've been sucking cherry lolipop. Effortless <3>Loathe: Probably the fact that it's not super moisturizing, I've had better lip balm, like C.O.Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm Stick with SPF 15 (which is my HG lip moisturizer) but it does an O.K job. I also don't like the price LoL I wouldn't get it unless I had a gift card or it's on sale or smthn...Another thing, if you have chapped lips, it's actually will accentuate the dryness, I usually exfoliate prior to applying this balm.

I really like the shade and the 'tint' it gives, but I'm not 100% loving it as I'd prefer a better moisturizing lip balm who does double job. I'll continue using it because the color is really really pretty, I apply it like every 10 minutes now LOL I'm addicted. But I'd love to try other kinds of balm, maybe L'oreal HiP Jelly Balm? Anyone tried that?

Quick Note
: Pomegranate color is UBER PRETTY if you're looking for a perfect coral tint. Plum is also gorgeous, I don't find Wild Rose any fact it's almost too dark for me.

Ok, so on the day I got Sephora package, I also got another box...which confused me. I didn't purchased anything else other than MEOW but it doesn't say anything Meow-y on the address. It only said someone's name & address.

When I opened, I found these:
OMG right? no note or anything....then I remembered it must be a RAOK. An MUA-ers whom I swapped with was giving away stuffs and she must have kept my address coz she sent me these lovely creams.

I'm honestly not a really big fan of LUSH, as I always get headache whenever I stepped into the's like every item is screaming loudly with its strong scent, asking to be bought. That's quite scary. And that's why I could never enjoy sniffing around without being overwhelmed. So when I received these Mad City Sue's creams of LUSH dupe I was a little worry I might not like them.

But boy I was wrong.

Flying Fox is a gorgeous jasmine scent, I have to admit, it's a strong floral, but once applied, it mellows down to a more sweety & calm scent, with honey note. (The Soy Cream she sent me was still stealed!!! so it's Brand New OMG)

Bathos, again, a jasmine scent with a pretty violets scent. It's hard to explain what 'violets' scent smells like, if it's a color I could just show you a picture, but sadly enough we dont have Smell-o-vision here. It has a powder kick in it. Very relaxing.

Victorian Violets is not a LUSH dupe, but it's also a floral scent, which smells VERY sophisticated. It reminds me of a tea, but a very good-smelling tea.....When I sniffed it couple of times it started to remind me of a garden with colorful flowers in it, the one where you can run around without feeling bored because it just smells so darn pretty.

I have to admit, I wouldn't have picked these scent right off the bat because I tend to like fruity and foody scent but it's always nice to explore and go out of your comfort zone because you'll never know what you've been missing. I don't know exactly how close the dupes with original LUSH tho, they could be smelling better than LUSH's LoL


Mad City Sue makes great great great products, I enjoy her Foaming Scrubs and Cream Soaps very much but I was honestly hesitant to try anything 'butter' as moisturizer because I never needed that much moisturizer and I hate feeling greasy throughout the day.

But the Soy Cream Body Butter proved me wrong. Although it's thick, it spreads out so easily and sinks in right away, this is one hell of a body butter I have to say. It leaves your skin so soft, moisturized, and smelling pretty.

LOVE Mad City Sue !!! Sue kicks ass~~~


Askmewhats said...

WOW!!! You got TFSI!!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that! I've been lemming it for months!

jamie said...

purrty lip butters!!

myystiqueen said...

oh myy.....

you make me add korres lip butter into myy shopping list tomorrow.... >.<

thanks for the reviews though.... haha ^^

Ai said...

How's the Too Faced Shadow Insurance?