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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Product Review: The Brush Guard

The Brush Guards is basically a wrapper you put around your brushes to protect them from dusts, being out of shape and other stuffs. I purchased these handy dandy babies on Sunday and within 3 days they already here. Diane Baker, the owner contacted me directly just to say that my order was ready to ship, she's a very lovely lady, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to shoot her email.

I felt the NEED to get these guards because my room doesn't have Air Conditioner therefore I always open the windows (Island style babehhhh! lol). Where my laptop desk/makeup areas/brush stand is right below the window so it's just a nature that things around it would get dusty over time. I hate it but there's no better place I could think of right now so I just have to deal with the situation hehe.

So yeah....another reason is I think these guards would come in handy when I go travelling, as I noticed brushes could move around, get squashed & changed shape on the way.

Alright, without further ado, here's how they look like:

From the site, I quotted:

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:

  • While drying — bristles dry in perfect shape
  • In use — handle stays clean and grips better
  • In storage — no snags or squashing
  • On the move — perfect packing

Now available in five package choices: assorted or packages of all one size (all $5.50 including tax and domestic shipping):

  • Variety pack—assortment of each size
  • Ex. Small—Shadow/Liner
  • Small—Blush
  • Medium—Foundation
  • Large—Powder/Kabuki

Additional shipping charges apply for orders from Canada ($2.00) and International ($3.00) up to five.

The one that I got is the Variety Pack which cosists of:
  • 1 Shadow/Liner (extra small) ~ 1/4'' size
  • 2 Blush (small) ~ 3/8'' size
  • 2 Foundation (medium) ~ 5/8 '' size
  • 1 Powder/Kabuki (large) ~ 1'' size

I tried the large one for my EDM Flat Top:

(slide it up from the handle)


keep the shape : )

My first impression of the wrapper is: Woooow they look like Fruit wrap pack LOL but they're stretchable. You can also use it after washing your brush, just slide it in and turn the brush up side down. They will dry in shape as the wrapper has 'window's to breathe

Don't you want just slather some sauce, sesame seeds and Barbecue them ???

For $5.50, I'd say it's a good investment, I'm sure your brushes would thank you sooner or later ^_^


mimi said...

that's soooo freaking awesome!! wow!!!

Askmewhats said...

now I wanted one too! :) YOu are the world's Enabler! LOL

Tina Marie Online said...

I want this! It's kind of expensive when you include tax & shipping. I wonder if they have them in any stores.

Nanzy said...

Mimi :)
hehehe they are pretty useful

Nanzy said...

Nikki :)
hahahhahahah I know, you've called me that heheh

Nanzy said...

Tina :)
Umm I've never heard/come across any store that carries far as I know they're only selling it online. But I might be wrong hehe

Ai said...

WAAAW now i NEED one! itu emg pendek2 gitu ya bi? tapi pas buat EDM ya.. ugh speaking of EDM!! GGRRR!

myystiqueen said...

wooott....... i was just about to post about this too nanzy.... ^^

i have bunches of these.... like a lot.... since there was probably an error in shipping and they sent me the same orders three times.... ^^

so yea.....

Devi said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing it, Nanzy :)

Nanzy said...

yup, they're shorts except the small ones heheh and yes you do need these

Nanzy said...

it is very handy and you're lucky abt the 'error' hehe

Nanzy said...

np! happy to share