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Friday, December 12, 2008

Meow Haul & Updated Stash

I took an advantage of Meow Cosmetics Free Shipping sale during Cyber Monday, which happens rarely, and purchase their foundation.

If any of you care to read the ingredients of Mineral Makeups, you would notice the 'usual ingredients' they use

- Titanium Dioxide
- Zinc Oxide
- Iron Oxide
- Mica

Now, some company does add some additional ingredients like kaolin clay, boron nitride, ultramarines, calcium carbonate, or even bismuth oxychloride *ehm* Bare Escentuals *ehm* that has been recognized as the source of irritations/itchiness in mineral makeup.

Meow here has 3 different formulas for their foundation= Purrr-fect Puss, Pampered Puss, and Flawless Feline.
Puurr-fect Puss has the lightest coverage, whereas Flawless Feline does the heaviest job covering scars & discolorations.

Although I have many red scarring from acne and God knows how heavy I'd prefer my foundation to be, I chose Pampered Puss instead of Flawless Feline for 2 reasons.

One, Pampered Puss has the LEAST ingredients I've ever seen in Mineral Makeup. It only contains of= Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide. Yup, only 4. Flawless Feline contains Boron Nitride which I've heard from some people, they feel they're most likely allergic to it.

Second, I like the coverage, although it's medium-heavy, it looks and feels natural without looking cake-y.

So I went ahead and got the Pampered Puss Foundation in Munchkin size (which is perfect size for me) in my shade, Fierce Manx.

The Munchkin jar is comparable to Everyday Mineral's 25 ml Sifter Jar, although the picture seems like EDM is bigger.

I also sampled their other shade, Fierce Abyssinian and a Purrr-fect Cover Concealer (which can be mixed with foundation if I need more coverage) in Fierce Korat.
NOTE** Concealer runs 1 shade lighter so please keep in mind if you're ordering the concealer, make sure you order 1 shade DARKER than your foundation. The reason I ordered Fierce Korat is because they don't have concealer in Manx breed, and in Korat I'm wearing Naughty (lighter than Korat)

I asked for sample of Skinny Dip (which is supposedly an 'automatic face contour powder') and since I didn't tell them which shade they sent me these two. I haven't tried them but in a quick look Mau Medium looks too pink and Abyssinian Medium looks too light to be a contour. *shrug*

They're also kindly includes other samples of their newest line, Lush Blush in Hugs & Kitties, Felinus Interruptus (what a FOONEY name lol) and Crush.

and this pretty Purrrlized Eye Shadow in You Had Me at Meow (another kyooot name)

Oh and yesterday I was re-organizing my shelf and just realized how humongous my Bath & Body Products stash..........I can only shower 2x a day, so I think I'll need 2138487623846 days to finish everything.............................*insert guilty face*

I have some serious addiction !!!! ='(


Titty said...

When I scrolled down to the bottom, I was seriously like:


LOL, I knew you were into sniffing and whiffing and shit but that is A LOT.

I am wondering if your nose is all red and bleeding HAHAHA jk.

I bet your skin is so soft.. My hands are disgusting. I never moisturize and get cracked cuticles LOL

Lola said...

1. where did you buy perfume oils? i'm interested in egyptian and designer type perfume oils.

2. body scrubs - which retailer is your favorite (isle of eden, mad city sue, or cozy moments)?

3. which type of scrubs do you prefer - body scrubs or body polish?

i know i have a lot of questions but you are the only blogger that owned a bunch of different type of body products. :-)

Nanzy said...

Hi Lola! I'm glad you're interested in Bath & Body products too =) Here I'll try answering your questions.

1. I bought my fragrance oil at Wholesale Body Oils, they have GREAT selections of Designer dupes.

2. For body scrubs, I honestly like Isle of Eden for the bigger granule, but their TAT is crazy long, so Mad City Sue would be my recommendation. Their Moisturizing Scrub is a tad too oily for my likings tho, I like Scrubbing Bubbles Scrubs better.

3. I'd prefer Body Scrubs in general but Body Polish is also good if your skin is more sensitive. I like Cozy Moment's Shea Scrub because it's super fine granule & very creamy.

hope I didn't confuse you heheh pls dont hesitate to shoot me emails or comments if you have anymore question, k?


The Paraben Free Princess said...

Thanks for the haul and review! I posted about the free shipping sale but didn't buy anything. I have the leaning tower of mineral makeup. LOL.

Ai said...

O.O @ those bath&body products! GAAAHH you make me want them even more!!!

Askmewhats said...

you are definitely addicted :) thanks for showing your collection, now i feel better about mine, yours is HUGE lol

Fififaraday said...

O.O those meow stuffs look so cool! And I fancy the naming too. "you had me at meow" how did they come up with that? hahaha

Nanzy said...

Thi =)
hahahaha yeah my nose is red & bleeding, just like a junkie's LoL

take me to rehab, love.

Nanzy said...

Dolores =)
awwww I'd like to see your MMU stash!

Nanzy said...

Ai =)
then call your darn BCA, nyet ahahahaha tell them you haven't showered for months and you need to buy some bath creams.

Nanzy said...

Nikki =)
you're welcome...yeah now I realized I've been insanely madness. That's worse than madness lol but I'm in secretively no-buy...we'll see how long it'll last

Nanzy said...

Fifi =)
hey girl, apa kabar? hahaha yeah Meow's design is so cute..are you into Mineral Makeup? shd try Meow, their ingredients are great.