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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Recent Project

I've been sleeping like a polar bear lately, damn Turkey for making me sleepy. Although, I'm so excited to write this post because there is something I want to show you.

My beloved gorgeous & incredibly nice Dayna sent me a big package a while ago, I received it the day I was sick so I am confident to say she really made my day : ) Dayna wanted me to try out these generous MIY kit for bath & body products she put together which I was super duper thrilled to play with, and she, being amazing as she is, OF COURSE had to include extras that makes me O.O --> that's the expression btw

I have to admit I haven't gotten around it until today, I was in the creative mood lol so I started off with the Foaming Bath Cream base. I divided them half-half so I could made 2 different scents.

First, I heated them in microwave for 10 seconds just to make it easier to blend, added my fragrance oil, colorants (used for baking) and mix mix mix by hand.

I made Bath Cream with White Truffle Raspberry fragrance oil I got from Valerie's Uncommon Scent and Red color.

This one I had to admit, I heated it a bit too long so when I took this picture the consistency was still 90% perfect...that's why it looks really creamy. BUT it smells so darn good & it's very rinsing : ) White Truffle Raspberry smells exactly like a white chocolate with creamy vanilla and tart raspberry.

(mmm yummy)

Second one is Sugar Scrub ! YEAH !!! I did the same step, only adding white sugar as final step. The sugar granule that I have is very small so it's not scrubby at all, just nicely grainy heheh. I think I'll add a bigger sugar next time.

This one I made with Mint Latte (which absolutely yummy, a lovely infusion of your favorite creamy latte with hint of fresh mint on top) fragrance oil, also from Valerie's Uncommon Scent and Purple color.

Even Simpson family approved hehehehe

I've tried them both and they smell WONDERFUL. I like the hard texture of the bath cream (imagine a frosting) and how much they lather.

I can't thank Dayna enough to got me hooked on this, I'll definitely get more of this base once I'm out.

Next one would be SLS Free shampoo & Shower Gel Hi5 Emoticon


If anyone interested, you could purchase the bases for Bath Cream, SLS Free Shampoo & Shower Gel, Soap Base, and Fragrance Oils with great prices at these links below~

Foaming Bath Cream: New Directions Aromatics, Brambleberry

SLS Free Shampoo & Shower Gel: New Directions Aromatics

Fragrance Oil: Daystar, Snow Drift Farm, The Sage, SweetCakes, The Common Scent, Valerie Uncommon Scent's


Ai said...

mauu liat kalo udah digosok di tangan lo dong biii hehehe

Anonymous said...

Those both look amazing and the scents you've used make my mouth water!

Askmewhats said...

they look YUMMY!!!

Katrina said...

Those look amazing!