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Friday, November 21, 2008

One shitty day, One great sale day, and FOTD beibeh!

How are you all doing? I was sick 2 days ago, my stomach went nuts from bloating, the night before Honolulu felt like a bad day at Chicago, SUPER DUPER WINDY !!! I had no idea why and how but it was the first time after a while I finally said "Brrrrr, it's cold in here..."

Yessss I love Bring it On, in case you're all wondering~

So apparently I caught the wind (well, Indonesian has some phrase for this "Masuk Angin" lol Ai, what's English words for masuk angin???) and I woke up the next morning with bloated stomach. It was so bad I couldn't even stand up straight and whenever I peed it feels like there are 10 WWF-type muscular wrestlers punching my upper stomach without mercy.

I m a g i n e that!

Yeah, I hate that day LOL but I drank a lot of lemon tea since lemon is supposed to help and tried to get rid of the bad gas as much as I can (fart & burp ~ i'm a lady and a real lady does fart & burp HA !) so I felt better the next day.

Ok enuff with bad day, moving on to the next day when I felt bettah than evah. I saw an ad on TV showing that Macy's was having 1 day sale so I decided to went to Ala Moana with Aaron to see what they had.

Aaron got 2 shirts ($15 each after 40% discount) and I got 1 office dress and 2 nice long cardigans. The office dress is 60% off from $69.00 so it ended up with $27.00 price tag. After that Macy's also has this flyer that can be used to get an extra 10% that was a good deal.

It's a one-piece dress and I think the horizontal stripes is slimming LoL

I also stopped by GAP and turned out they were also having a clearance sale. I saw this nice simple red dress, and I believe this is one of their old stuffs since it was the only one hehehe and I was lucky it was my size.
the halter strap is adjustable so I can take it out & it'll be a simple tube dress.
Does it scream "I'm gonna steal your husband"?? uh oh.

Now onto the fun stuff......FOTD! yeahhhh hahaha it's been a while, I decided to use EG Minerals again, but using wet method this time. I sprayed GoW Immortelle HA on my FT brush and buffed around. I really like the finish, not powdery & very natural looking. Prior to that I applied Translucent Primer powder for oily skin and I have to RAVE about it because it freakin works !!!


  • Camellia Rose Primer v2.0
  • EG Minerals Translucent for Oily Skin primer powder
  • EG Minerals Jeanna Foundation (wet)
  • EG Minerals Bali Blush
  • C.O Bigelow Cranberry Cocktail Liplicious l/g

this one is taken with flash, and I was trying out my new dress : )

For eyes I only did simple pink-purple colors from 96 Ebay Palette, Thevi Onyx pencil eye liner & NYX Lash Out mascara.

thanx for reading everyone, hope you all have a great week!
Heffa great weekend ~~~


Askmewhats said...

OH NO!!! Get well! I am so sorry it had to happen to you!!!!

Anyways, I love the outfits! SUPER sexy!!!

And lovely EOTD :)

Anonymous said...

enak ya nan gapnya ada clearance sale hehehe. disini tiap minggu gue masukin kaga sale2 juga hehehe...

Nanzy said...

thanks daahhling! I'm feeling better now. and thank you, i love those dresses too!

Windyheheheh I know it's you!!! hehehe suruh sale dong Win...apa nanti kali abis winter season?

Ai said...

baguuuuuus! apa ya bi ya? enter wind? LOOOOL skrg udah sembuhan belom?

Devi said...

Hi Nanzy, I've been your silent reader for a while and decided to comment now! Tee-hee.

I envy your gorgeous face and body! Love those dresses! :)

Nanzy said...

lol makasih nyet, udah baekkan skrg sih...cuman dingin nih hari ini seharian ujan.

Hi, thank you for reading my blog hehehe hope you like it so far! and big big big thank you for your sweet comment~ You shd drop some love more often, k?

Aya said...

Oooooh, I love these colors on you! It really suits your warm and tanned complexion...I will try to see if my pale-a$$ can pull it off too ;P I really love all of your FOTD's, very inspiring!

Nanzy said...

Aya: thanks alot..I'm sure it'll suit you just as fine : ) and thank you again for your loves!!! mwah~