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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mad City Sue

Who's been naughty?

*Inan raised hand*

I guess Santa will pass my house this year coz I've been really, really bad splurging on my good smelling thingies.
I mean, how many scrubs could a one possibly own? >.<>

My last order was from Mad City Sue. This lovely Etsy seller has been around for years and her Moisturizing scrubs and Parfaits are famous for their ultra-moisturizing skills and great scents she has for her products. I have been lurking around her store for months now but just recently found a guts to actually contacted Sue and requested for some scents. That's another best thing about MCS, you can just convo'd her and ask for whatever scent you desire, she will provide it.

Sue has her Christmas scents up until holiday's over and I'm a sucker for warm & foody scents especially during cooler months. I decided to order a bigger scrub just so I could split more scents.

I got myself:- Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Scrub 11 oz in Reindeer Cakes / Marshmallow Cocoa / Pizzele Cookies- Shower Parfait Cream Soap 8 oz in Italian Cream Cake / Lemon Meringue / Buttercream Frosting
and I requested a freebies in Secret Recipe Eggnog scent

  • Reindeer Cakes – Dark chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkled with flaky coconut
  • Marshmallow Cocoa – Nothing better after a long day sledding, creamy milk chocolate cocoa topped with a mountain of fresh marshmallows
  • Pizzelle Cookie – wonderful Italian waffle cookie scent
  • Italian Cream Cake -- a delightful combination of vanilla, white sugar, buttermilk, and a touch of coconut. One of our best sellers!
  • Lemon Meringue - tart lemons & creamy vaniila
  • Buttercream Frosting – Forget the spoon and the calories! We spent a long time looking for the ultimate frosting scent, and this is it.
  • Secret Recipe Eggnog – It wouldn’t be the holidays without this frothy drink. A bit of sugar, a touch of spice, makes this drink especially nice.

Is it enough porn for yah? :D


Reindeer Cakes / Marshmallow Cocoa / Pizzele Cookies

OMG this is probably the best, truest, richest, yummiest chocolate dessert scents I've ever smelled. The 3 scents blend beautifully to create a scrumptious smelling scrub, I swear this is edible! hehehe

I'm really suggesting you guys to try these combination, my skin doesn't agree with most chocolate scent either, that's why I'm staying away from chocolate scents moisturizers or perfumes, but this scrub, I'm making an is THAT good.

Italian Cream Cake / Lemon Meringue / Buttercream Frosting
I love how creamy this one smells, but I don't think I love the lemon meringue scent, I like it but it's not setting my world in fire. It reminds me of Bissy's Boutique Frosted Lime Cupcakes lotion which smells too lemon-y for me, I think my skin just doesn't agree with lemon scent, period. Glad this is in Cream Soap form, tho, at least the scent wouldn't be too overwhelming. But I can see how people would ADORE this one : ) I'm gonna let this one cured, they say curing does magic!

Secret Recipe Eggnog smells delicious, it's spicy with a sugary sweet kick, and creamy original Eggnog.. mmmmmm I think I'll be using it around Christmas time!

Overall, I'm very very very pleased with my new e-tailer found, Mad City Sue did live up to all the raves I've been hearing about. If you're interested, here is their link, Sue is a sweetheart so don't hesitate to drop her a message!

Mad City Sue


Ai said...

8oz? bisa mandiin orang serumah tuh bi HAHAHA aaahhhhh! me likey them!

Karley said...

Glad you like these--isn't that custom combo fabulous?

Nanzy said...

Karley, I'm loving them !!! thanks for your post and introduced me to the lovely triple split ideas :) It's fantabulous~~~ kudos to you, even Sue told me "Didn't Karley always choose the yummiest blend?" hahaha I agreed!