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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cocoa Pink Haul

Yup, 12 of them...looking so cute & all that.

Cocoa Pink Holiday Fragrance Sampler arrived yesterday, they shipped them out pretty quick as it's one of their "Quick Ship" item. Just to refresh your memory, I purchased this for $10.99, FREE SHIPPING.

Such a deal, eh?

12 of 3 ml EDP Sprays for $10.99 shipped...I was so excited when they finally arrived but when I opened them I saw there are some leaking. 3 of them leaked a little and makes the entire package smells.......jumbled.

I mailed the company and they said they will take care of it once they solve a problem with the wholesaler where they bought the spray bottles. I'm not worried about it so much as I've heard about Cocoa Pink's customer service to be one of the best out there.

So I unwrapped the seal and let them sit over night. Today the weird smell gone and I was able to sniff, at least one of them. I tried out Strooigoed which smells like a yummy gingerbread cookies. The dry down is more interesting because I could smell the marshmallow and the hint of marzipan. I'm excited to try these little suckers one by one...there are 12 of them !! argh~~~

Here are the scent descriptions:

Caffeinated Elves - The secret is the elf nog they drink that is a blend of Starbux tripe shot espresso, pistachio ice cream, and mini marshmallows.

De-Caffeinated Elves - Hold the coffee please - Healthy elves go for a wee little shot of green tea, loads and loads of vanilla ice cream, a couple pistachios and extra marshmallows!

CP Fruitcake on Mondays - Cake on Mondays, lashings of creamy bourbon vanilla, candied citrus peel and just a touch of rum

Cranberry Noel - A blend of our new CP Exclusive Cranberry Fragrance oil that smells like tart fresh Cranberries mixed with our popular Vanilla Bean Noel.

Cotton Candy Canes - CP Exclusive Cotton Candy with bits and pieces of yummy candy canes.

Eggnog Frosted Cupcakes - Eggnog Buttercream slathered over warm baked vanilla cupcakes.

Naughty or Nice -Holiday Red berries, red currants, bing cherries, mulberries, and pomegranate with a twinkle of naughty spice notes.

Red Velvet Cake - Devil's Food chocolate, tonka beans; rich buttery frosting with light sprinkles of vanilla sugar.

Rockefeller Center Christmas - Notes of Norway Spuce and Balsam Fir fill the crisp winter air as you warm your fingers with a cup of gently spiced mulled wine. The kids nibble iced sugar cookies while humming christmas carols until the countdown begins and thousands of lights twinkle in the sky.

Silver Belles - Sparkly white notes, warm vanilla, marshmallow.

Strooigoed - gingerbread, marshmallows, meringue and a hint of marzipan.

Sugar Plum Pudding - Dancing Sugary Plums and bowls of Vanilla Pudding with mountains of whipped cream!

Cocoa Pink is having an awesome holiday set right now, I'm also eyeing their Holiday Mini Gift Set which includes 4 different items in smaller size only for $8.99, Free Shipping! I think I'll take my time to smell everything and decide which one to get for the mini gift set : )



Ai said...

Strooigoed sounds yum! aahh everyone makes me hungry right now! lol duuuh jadi ingin ....... damn bca