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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 7 Deadly Lippy

Well, I saw this tag was done a lot @ Youtube and I think it is really fun to see people's fave lip items and the reason behind it. I decided to do it but instead of 6, I upgraded it to 7 and named them 7 Deadly Sins Lippy since it's not easy to choose 6 HAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm such a cheater.

My 7 Deadly Lippy

  • C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm Stick SPF 15 (I love it because it's SUPER moisturizing, it's sheer -not glossy-, not waxy, tingling, and it tastes sweet! Not to mention the SPF in it that makes it even more special. I am in love with the packaging too....Bye Bye Chapstick !!!

  • N.Y.C Mousse (This shades got my eyes among all of N.Y.C shades, it's very natural on my pigmented lip and if applied with light hand, it's definitely my HG Nude lippy.

  • NYX Mars (My new baby, this is basically a brownish version of Mousse. Love it a lot, another HG Nude hehe)

  • Rimmel Undressed (Peachy love....this is a great peach shade, I use it mainly in the summer when my skin is darker, goes well with bronzed skin.

  • C.O Bigelow Menta Lip Tint Magenta Mint (I've been in search for lip tint, I passed Stila's and Mark's product and so happy I stumbled upon this one. Many people seem to like Bare Mint but it doesn't show up on my lips. I love it's taste, moisturize my lips, cooling sensation and the pink tint it gives, as if I just ate a strawberry popsicle hehe)

  • L'oreal HiP Reserved (This reminds me of NYX Beige but I'd prefer this coz it lasts longer and has thinner consistency, it's also moisturizing, believe it or not)

  • NYX Gold Pink (Yup, scary in the tube but absolutely gorgeous on lips. It needs to be applied with light hand tho, I normally dots some on my lips and spread it around with my finger. I love the gold shimmer in it too.

What I noticed from my choice?

There's no MMU lippies !!! How come !!! hahaha well, honestly I have only tried 1 Mineral Lippies and it's from Silk Naturals (Swept Away). The color was pretty but not my favorite.

I tag everyone !!!


MakeupWithLakahna said...

i def love the CO Bigelow too. I have the minty green one, $7.50 but well worth it, leaves your lips nice and tingly and not sticky at all

mimi said...

i love all your lippies!!! i always wear nudes and those look awesome!!!

Kimberly Tia said...

yummmmmmm.... great choices, now I'm inspired to buy a few colors that you have here!!! especially that NYX Mars one and the C.O. Bigelow!!!! Gorgeous!!!

Thanks for sharing those Nanz!

Neeyuh said...

This is a great tag, I love the name you gave it! I just did it.

I think I might have to get some of these, Mousse and Mars are really pretty and so is the HIP lg. I love the magenta mint but I don't use it that much cuz the pink is sometimes too bright on my lips.

Lily said...

i didn't know c.o. bigelow made lip balms! i have a few of their lipglosses, but they're too glossy for me. i love how they feel on my lips though!

Nanzy said...

MakeupwithLakahna Yeahh I was eyeing on that one too, but decided to get the tube ones instead, I got a great deal of buy 2 get 1 offer at that time :D

mimi thanx! nude is so easy to wear, isn't it? :D

Tia hey girl, thank you..Mars is a must-have heheh and you're welcome!!!

jamie said...

now nyx mars is on my toplist of nyx lippies to buy!:D will do this tag!!:D

Nanzy said...

:) please do, Jamie...I'd love to see your choice

Aya said...

OMG i love this post! I like how you featured low-end lippies...affordable AND pretty! I wish I could get my hands on those NYX and NYC lippies...Thank you for sharing!

Nanzy said...

Aya: hehe thanx! I love low end lippies...I refuse to pay $$$ on lipstick. ever. LoL