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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EG Minerals Haul & Review (Pic Obese)

EG Minerals Porn !!!!

I received all the MMU samples today and I'm totally loving them. I fell in love with this company when I got to try out their pretty eye shadow pigments and blushes, so I just had to try out their foundations. The shipping is very reasonable, if your purchase is under $30, the shipping only costs $2.50, domestic or International !!!

I purchase the Get Acquaintance Kit containing 3 shades of Foundations, 1 Blush & 1 Finishing Powder. I chose all foundations in Cover Me Formula as I have many acne scars & discolorations, I just prefer medium to full coverage.

I have to say their foundations are AWESOME, it feels so creamy (yes, a creamy powder foundation ^^) and not cakey at all. The "Cover Me" formula does live up to the name, it really does cover my redness, acne scars and discoloration. Their other formula called "Youthful Glow" offers lighter coverage and some glow to brighten the face. I've seen it on other customer FOTD and it doesn't look sparkly or scarily shiny, I might give it a try just to compare.

I chose 3 shades from 2 different undertone: Ria & Gabrielle from Warm/Peach family and Jeanne from Yellow family. Right off the bat I knew Ria would be too dark so I pass it and would use it to contour my face : ) don't waste a thing, y'all !

Again, I'm very impressed on how great the coverage is, I did not apply the foundations chin & forehead area so you guys could compare how covering they are on my cheeks area. My forehead is nasty at the moment, many red scars & tiny bumps :(

Jeanne was applied on my right side and Gabrielle on my left.

Jeanne & Gabrielle

Both look like a good match, no?

I honestly like both hehehe what do you guys think?

I also received several blushes, so here are all EG Minerals I have so far, aren't they purrrrty?

I'm sure by now you can tell I'm such a blush whore XD

Some are very sparkly, like Airlee and Strawberies & Cream but they are still wearable. I am in love with these favorite would be: Carmindy, Bali, Deep Japanese Plum and Melon.

When I saw Carmindy it reminds me of Everyday Minerals Sunday Brunch blush, they're both matte as well, so I compared the two. Side by side in the jar they do look similar, don't you think? but Sunday Brunch turns out to be a little deeper than Carmindy. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

I ordered 3 pigments on 1st row and I got another 3 as freebies, they're LE : ) Hunter looks gorgeous.

There's a funny story why I ordered Azores Bronzer & Samoan Glow....I live in Azores Street and my neighbour next door is Samoan. LOL

I also ordered Facial Primer Gel, it's only $5.00 so I thought I'd give it a shot, it comes in cute tube bottle, the size is 2 oz so it'd last for a while. Here's a picture of it with a free Kabuki Brush that comes with my trial kit:

Last one, my impression of this mini MICRO Kabuki's rather scratchy !!!!


Thanks for reading all.

c",) Smooches c",)


Unknown said...

seriously nanzy....!!

you're making myy wallet angry.....
ever since i saw your blog,, i keep checking EG all the time and finally i realize that i HAVE to get 'em....

have any suggestions which foundation i should get?? i'm NC35 on MAC and basically yellow-golden undertone...

Shizznizzle said...

Dea :D
yesss finally I enabled you mwahahaha

I saw you use Buttered Tan from EDM? I believe our skin tone isn't as different, I was a tad darker in the summer but now I believe we're the same shade.

You could try~
Cover Me: Jeanne, DeAnna and Kaylee
Youthful Glow: Adya, Jin and Sydney

Don't forget to try their eye shadows and blushes!!! They're out of this world..

And tell them I sent you :D

Unknown said...

ohh cooliess then...

hmm.. which blush do you recommend?? i'm ISO peachy tone... not too pink... a matte one preferably... i saw Bali and Santa Barbara, they look like the perfect one for me.. not sure what it looks like in person...

Shizznizzle said...

Yeah Bali would look good on you, Santa Barbara is darker so you need Fiber Optic blush to apply that one. If you'd prefer matte blushes, I'd recommend Coral & Blushing as well (besides Bali) Tonga looks great but it says suitable for Fair skin :(

AskMeWhats said...

awww it definitely matches you!!! See what you're doing? Enabling people in the blogosphere! :)

Unknown said...

yeepee... going to place myy order tomorrow... i just ordered Sonia Kashuk angled eyeliner brush purely because of the raves.... this addiction is killing me... or myy wallet.... >.<

Ai said...

all the blushes look YUMMY i can eat all! RAWR! and that kabuki brush does look scratchy -___-" oohh i need my EDM NOW!!

Lily said...

creamy powder foundation? that sounds interesting and worth trying out!

Neeyuh said...

Awesome haul!! I ordered from them a couple weeks ago but haven't gotten it yet. I can't wait now that I seen your stuff though!!

The Paraben Free Princess said...

Thanks for the post! Never heard of them. Adding a blog entry on my end with a linkback to your page. I am eyeballing those solid perfumes.

Shizznizzle said...

The Paraben Free Princess:

my pleasure :) thank you!